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They found the house in the late afternoon. They knew that the weather would change in the evening so this was more than a welcome surprise. It meant they could rest.  Fizzla had to slice the electric lock of the door which took a while. But it me… Continue reading

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Armed Face

Fashion for life a fundraising event for Relay for Life will start today. On 10 sims designers show their latest creations and help raising money for cancer research. But Fashion for Life is way more. There are events as runway shows as well as live dj… Continue reading

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Ipolema 3rd of Haligale was satisfied. This had been her tenth mission and it had been successful. For her that would mean her time as apprentice would be over and she would be seen as a fully initiated shepherdess. Not that it was a surprise, all the … Continue reading

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Warrior of cards

It was a long tradition of the women of Nimoje family to read the cards for others. So nobody was surprised when Cilia showed a talent for that. It did not take her long to master even more difficult patterns and her forecasts became even more exact. U… Continue reading

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The magic of Butterflies

At the beginning they had tickled her a lot. But with the time the skin in her face had become less sensitive to the touch of hundreds of little legs. Her teachers had been surprised when she choose butterflies, most of her classmates had chosen bigger… Continue reading

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Ready to Rock

There was nothing like music in her life. Unfortunately the moments on which she could enjoy them were unbearably rare. But there the parties. Initiated to make sure that the houses would not start to fight each other. For her they meant hours of bored… Continue reading

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Nest 884-A was the last outpost and it was the place they had sent her to. It was as much of a punishment as a reward. Every watcher of 884-A had made an impressive carrer at the end. But at the moment she doubted that this would happen to her. On her … Continue reading

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The sound she made when she moved was slight but he could nearly feel her boredom and even more her hunger. But they had just arrived in the town and now they would need to wait until the furniture they had ordered would be brought into their house. Th… Continue reading

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They had called her so she was on her way. It would take her about an hour to get from the lower levels up to those where the rich and wealthy now and then had the chance to see sunlight. Real sunlight not the false light which projectors emitted. If s… Continue reading

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They were walking for days. At the beginning of their march she had still had boots but her feet started to hurt and at the third day they were so swollen that she had to take off her boots. She carried them for some more days but when they reached th… Continue reading

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The wind made slight sounds while blowing through the leaves. But there was an other sound, the soft sound of creaking old moss covered twigs. For a moment the sound stopped and a woodden hand reached out to pick up a leaf which had fallen into the wat… Continue reading

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Colours of the sky

The colour of the sky changed in the middle of the fight and then she stood on different ground. It had happened before to her and she had been training for those moments since she could remember.The next would be that they would try to trap her. But s… Continue reading

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The snow felt good under her boots. And so felt the fact that she had managed to escape the party finally.Not that she had disliked it too much, the food was decent but her friends had thought it would be a good idea to invite one of their male friends… Continue reading

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An elephant journey

The first time Jiiarale had heard about the garden was when she was still a little child. Some of the women in the harem had talked about the rumor that there was a place where they could live without having to serve. At this time Jiiarale had not even… Continue reading

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Secrets of the sea

Deep waters did not speak. At least not with the ones Lucille did not want to know her secrets. It had been ten years ago when she met the waterman. She still did not know why she dared to go swimming in the lake although she was not a secure swimmer a… Continue reading

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Some day she would have her own little cafe. At least that was what she had been planing. For years, actually for many years. But this would only happen when the debt was payed. The debt which she had with those smugglers who brought her out of the lan… Continue reading

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Dead Actress

The smoke escaped her lips in rings which slowly drifted through the room. She reached out and started to balance one of them on the tip of her finger. Her nails destroying the sensitive structure. Waiting was something she used to hate but she had spe… Continue reading

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The Huntress

She had found the horse somewhere in a street. A child might have thrown it away or parents or a mean sibling stole it to cause some desperation. So she decided that it was perfect to help her for a while. Of course if she would ever find something whi… Continue reading

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In Aqua

It was time for the opening. Nistra Ophelia Sami had a good feeling. And so did her little friends. They were running the salon for private music recommondations now for some years and with every year they got more customers. Many of them were musician… Continue reading

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Their whispers wandered through the cave. Slight questions and answers were exchanged then finally not only their hands touched but also the wyrms they carried on their heads. Informations flew from one to an other. And they were one again.Being apart … Continue reading

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