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GPD at The Fantasy Faire

      I am pleased to say that the Fantasy Faire has extended for another day yipeeeee! so any of you unfortunate folks that weren’t able to get there yestersday due to SL being down for the craziest amount of time, can breathe… Continue reading

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Evie’s closet at The Fantasy Faire

Polonadine lived her whole life in obscurity, hidden from society and locked away in long forgotten folly which lay dormant in King Tyrodone’s Castle grounds. For when she was born, she had been granted with a magical gift of beautiful golden nectar in… Continue reading

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Skinthesis at The Fantasy Faire

Well I see what all the fuss is about The Fantasy Faire, it’s the most incredible opportunity for creators to be totally unfettered and wow are there some amazing things to be seen. The realms of fantasy in this world are boundless and today I’m sampli… Continue reading

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colorful corsage

 OH am I giddy about a the sale at Priss! there are many items at only 30L including this pretty little vest with  a flower corsage, there’s also a new customer appreciation gift too which is a lovely little mesh clutch purse. Well you know h… Continue reading

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A fairies wings that don’t fly

Of course these wings fly! and I have to confess that I was amazed at my ability to fly when I first joined SL and also I adored the fact that I could wear wings too, so nothing gives me more pleasure than to demonstrate this beautiful outfit by GCD wh… Continue reading

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Fashioncentric hunt part 3

The fashioncentric hunt is in full swing and as promised I continue with hunt items. If you missed previous blog posts, then please find them HERE & HERE also you can find more details on the official website HEREFrom left … Continue reading

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Be bold with colour

 After all my recent beigeness posts I decided to be a little more bold with colour. If you didn’t already know (and I think most of you do because when I went it was rammed to the rafters) there’s a mini hunt at PurpleMoon all with all the gifts … Continue reading

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I love this hair, I mean really really love it! that’s why I waited forever for my letter to come up on the lucky board. Yes I could probably have just purchased it, but that’s the thing about lucky boards, the longer you wait, the more you want to so … Continue reading

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Hey Disco diva

I’m often found singing this way, yes at the top of my voice out of key in an almost shouty manner! My disco diva is wearing a lovely sheer top and skirt combo that is currently on the group luckyboards at Crystal line, as are the shoes. What she doesn… Continue reading

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In my smalls

It’s a first for me to blog lingerie, mostly because I’ve never had any need for it so it’s just not something that I own but I just fell in love with this pretty little ensemble currently available at XYROOM and felt compelled to blog it, plus it… Continue reading

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Wearing more brown

Yep more brown, most of my recent blog posts appear to be featuring mostly shades of brown recently not that it is intentional. Anyway what’s not to love about all this brownness, I mean will you look at these shiny shiny boots! pure liquid chocolate, … Continue reading

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Boyish style

I wouldn’t especially call this a tomboy look, yet to me it long a tad masculine. Perhaps it’s the short hair which I picked up at Tram, I have to say at 350L I thought this was a little pricey for hair compared to many other hairs out there, so I deli… Continue reading

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Fashioncentric Hunt part: 2

The Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt starts tomorrow! and there are so many stores involved, it’s a biggy! and so I am doing a series of blog posts to cover many items from the hunt. Check out a previous post HERE and official website with slurls and … Continue reading

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The Fashioncentric Hunt part 1

The Fashioncentric hi5 hunt is a grid wide hunt which runs from 1st – 30th April all hunt prizes are free, plus there is a weekly prize draw to win 1000L.  More details can be found on the official website HERE where you will find a list… Continue reading

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This is my happy face

Look how pleased I am with my new things! XYROOM has an amazing selection of discounted items at the moment & here is just a few of my favourites. Check out my new boots! aww god love Miel! One day I will own everything in that store. The boots are… Continue reading

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Teen style

So of all people my son sets me a blogger challenge, he says “mum why don’t you ever do a look for girls?” I don’t ever intend to do child avatar I just don’t sit comfortably with that, however it did get me thinking of looks for teens and this is my c… Continue reading

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Daydreams of you

Oh I  did get rather excited when Photos Nikolaidis on Plurk allowed us a sneak preview of his release for La Venta eventa for A.S.S and then said it was available, so I had to rush straight there and grab it. I love the romant… Continue reading

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Stars that appear as beads

It’s a bugger when you’re a blogger and your computer just doesn’t want to play! I’m in the process of raising funds for a new one though and so hope to be blogging at full capacity some time soon, but for now I have to work around an unstable viewer a… Continue reading

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Simple chic

I love this clean cut smart casual look which is centered around these delicious unisex shirts were a new release at 22769 this weekend just passed. There are 10 colours to choose from and at only 45L why not have them all! I’m still gushing over the h… Continue reading

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A covered up nude

I’ve found that recently I’ve been so tied up with other things that my bargain hunt instincts has been pushed aside, well not for long! it was bubbling away and has rose to the surface so off I trotted and came back with these little gems to share wit… Continue reading

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