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.Captain Pohwarun.

“Wait, the Vice Admiral has a brother?”“Ah..Yes. He was a captain and just as insane.”“Was? What happened to him?”“Exiled. He never learned to share you see..”.Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Bear  (Limited Edition Color).Eye Patch:&n… Continue reading

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.Tea Party.

In between my veins, a toxic madness survives, And within my heart, a deadly sadness thrives..Hat:  CURELESS  & [n.i]  aliceinmonsterland – thehatter RARE – The Epiphany.Top:  [Deadwoo… Continue reading

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They were never alone, not when they had their familiars always nearby, watching.Left Look.Septum:  [CX] Drop Septum (Silver).Necklace: MINIMAL  – Zima Necklace Silver RARE (modified) – The Season’s Story.Claws:… Continue reading

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.You’re Late.

Bones crackled underneath your feet with each step, each noise echoed endlessly.His scrutinizing eyes narrowed as you approached, clearly unimpressed.“What took you so long? Hurry up.. They are waiting’re already la-““Boo! Kahahaha.. “ Continue reading

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….~Luka Requiem.Hair: *Dura Boys&Girls 57.Tattoo: CURELESS  [+] Komainu Guardians.Necklace: MINIMAL Hook Necklace –  TMD.Hood: C L A Vv. – Shoulder Spirit Hood – DOG black – TSS (Comi… Continue reading

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.Grease Doggies.

“You think you could drive this?”~ Luka Requiem.Ears: [CX] Industrial Ears.Tattoo: *Bolson Tattoo / Frahm.Bandanna: C L A Vv..Dragon Fly: C L A Vv..Necklace: [CX]  Vagrant’s Necklace.Overalls: // SEUL… Continue reading

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