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[dots of crimson]

This gem of an accessory is 22769′s contribution for L’accessoires, an event that, just as the name says, provides you an eclectic collection of all things that make an outfit complete and add a little bit of spice to it. The nicely detailed ‘Fascinati… Continue reading

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Probably out for the last day today [October, 31st] are the gorgeous mesh jumpers from Kauna, which are a group gift and entirely free in store. Available in the male standard sizes and adorned with the cute Halloween-themed bone- and pumpkin prints, t… Continue reading

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[through the shadows]

Climbing the old house’s facade was one of the easier tasks, his undead muscles pumped and his thin, pale fingers digging into the plaster as he eventually hauled himself over the balcony’s railing, where he paused for the length of a heart’s beat. Wit… Continue reading

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Schadenfreude is one of the many participants of the Starlust Monster Beach Party on Twomoons Island, a Halloween-themed event that runs until October, the 31st. The store offers a quirky-creepy collection of items, like the shown Fangkini, bikinis wit… Continue reading

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[ears and necks]

I can never resist buying stretched ears in SL, probably because I have them in RL, too, and want to check how ‘real’ they’re looking, so I was more than pleasantly surprised and excited when I saw [Mandala]‘s advertisement for their new release. Creat… Continue reading

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The new Mens Dept might, or not be even better when you’ve been riding the dragon, but even without being high there’s still some stunning stuff to be found. One of them is most certainly 22769′s contribution, the mesh Dandy Jackets, that come in 4 dif… Continue reading

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[the doctor's secret]

If they’d ever find out what he was actually doing in his lab at night, instead of working on a cure for the living, he’d most likely be as dead as the human guinea pigs he had on his examination table. Their obscenely opened bodies, sprawled out on th… Continue reading

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[all mesh - all free]

The Menstuff hunt is still up and running until the 3rd of September, (ladies and) gentlemen, so there is plenty of time left to finish it or at least grab some of the items that match your eclectic taste. One of the definitely unisex items you can fin… Continue reading

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[i owl you]

Owls have always been amongst my favourite animals, but ever since I joined Second Life, this love has most certainly intensified – and since I’m apparently not alone with my liking and people keep creating the cutest items around our feathery friends,… Continue reading

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[christina death]

She likes to sleep her nights with the window open wideJust in case her Dark Prince would come by the silvery lightShe lives with her two cats a “please no ads” sign on her doorMemories in her photo books some of them still a bit soreChristina DeathSmo… Continue reading

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[sun - straw - ink]

Vestigium is having a Summer Sale right now, with all items in store being marked down to 50 L$. There is a lot of (mostly) unisex tattoos to be admired and bought and also a few clothing items for your summery wardrobe, but my eyes got instantly drawn… Continue reading

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[goin' floral on your ass]

Two more or less fresh, but still available freebies I’m showing you today – some stuff for the butt and some for your face – or the other way round, if you prefer so. Poetic Colors has released some really gorgeous mesh eyes in a variety of colours, a… Continue reading

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[vanimle sila tiri]

“Your beauty shines bright…”,the dark-maned elf had whispered into Amaryth’s pointy ear, and the tall-grown creature had no doubt that its mate’s words were true, those softly uttered syllables in a tongue of ethereal beauty, like the sing-song of a … Continue reading

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[more chic²ness]

I’ve already introduced the CHIC² Birthday Event (June 3rd – 24th) to you in my last post, but there is so many nice things to be seen and found there that I thought it’s well worth a second (and maybe even third?) post. Today you can catch a glimpse … Continue reading

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[piglet pink marzipan]²

CHIC² is celebrating its 2nd birthday in June, and an awesome event that includes dozens and dozens of the best loved CHIC clients invites you to join the party and indulge yourself in a true shopping spree! All of the offered items have been exclusiv… Continue reading

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[horned and butterflied]

Fantasy Faire is a huge success – big enough that it’s gonna last one more day than additionally planned. You can now visit the gorgeous sims with their extraordinary variety of fantasy-related stores until Monday, the 30th of April! I’ve been there r… Continue reading

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If you like it golden, squeaky and see-through, then VITAMEN has the right freebie for you this month! This rather sexy tanktop, and yes, it’s indeed made from golden vinyl, is available at their Japarid-location as long as April lasts. The beautiful b… Continue reading

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[welcome to the shadows]

“I’m the luminance in the gloominess – indisputable way to your providence.”As a true lover of all kind of mesh-items and clothing, I keep searching the Marketplace for new releases, usually of the more uncommon kind. To be honest, I was a bit unsure w… Continue reading

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[hairy spring affair]

Spring is a bit indecisive here – after a couple of weeks that were hot enough to be summer weather already, it’s grey and drizzling now, so I’m rather thankful for SL’s more predictable seasons. And with spring being around, I usually get the urge to … Continue reading

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[your free underoos for march]

It’s March, and this, my lovelies, means it’s time for a new, gorgeous freebie from VITAMEN! This time you can get not only one, but 6 different Japanese loincloths. That’s right, the traditional kind that quite much reminds of a thong and will show of… Continue reading

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