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Fantasy Faire 2015 – Forever Sprite

Sea Sprites live forever… or, better to say, they live for a very, very, very long time. Jerrilynn Whitefoam was a mere toddler by Sea Sprite standards, but a curious and adventurous toddler all the same. She wasn’t entirely content with the underwat… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2015 – Midnight Sakura

Cherry trees usually blossom in the daytime. Ordinary cherry trees, and ordinary flowers, maybe… but not the mythical Nightshadow Sakura, the admired and treasured plant that maybe two dozen adventurers have ever witnessed to turn into a bouquet of s… Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Breaking the egg shell from the inside was hard work. She had been hitting and pummelling on the white china-like surface for hours… then, finally, she was rewarded by a tiny cracking noise. She continued in frenzy. Her fingertips were aching, but it… Continue reading

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Last Days of Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Lotus Dawn

The delicate pink buds were slumbering in peace… but one, especially if „one” was a Lotus Nymph, could perceive a soft, it-is-just-there stirring among the silky petals and gently arching stems. Nymph and flowers sensed in unison that something w… Continue reading

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One Billion Rising 2015 in Second Life – Underwater Sisters

The mermaids sensed that one of them was in pain. They could always feel when there was some trouble with any of them… they were all sisters, after all, connected at various levels of existence. Now a beautiful, sparkling, slim creature was crouching… Continue reading

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Evil Cupid – Happy Valentine’s Day!

For quite a long time Amorella had suspected that Eros had some beef with her. He gave Amorella the most impossible assignments ever… “See this Canadian woodcutter? His destined bride lives in Calcutta, she sells mobile phones. Make these two meet … Continue reading

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Enchantment in SL – My Love Will Arrive

The candles were burning, and she was afire, too. The perfume of the red roses was overwhelming. She wore a deep red gown, and her strawberry blonde hair was arranged in an elaborate updo. She touched a dry log in the fireplace, and the fire roared up…. Continue reading

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Sparkling Mermaid

Spindrift Flotsam Leaper was a treasure-collector, gathering finds from the beach and ocean and creating caches of interesting and beautiful objects. When she was in good mood (which she was often), she leaped alongside the prows of boats, and cheered … Continue reading

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The Day I Lost My Home

“The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmitted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. …And from the rockets ran me… Continue reading

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Happy New Year… and Thank You

“Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky, / The flying cloud, the frosty light / The year is dying in the night; / Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. Ring out the old, ring in the new, / Ring, happy bells, across the snow: / The year is going, let hi… Continue reading

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Santa’s Littlest And Latest Helper

She had wound up the alarm clock… and she overslept. She overslept, and she missed Christmas! How could Santa distribute all the surprises without her help…? The littlest and latest elf was flapping her wings as quickly as she could. She didn’t wan… Continue reading

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Sweet Light

It was the darkest time of the year. One could see the Sun for a few hours only, and even then the light was dim and feeble. She missed the brightness, the feeling of caressing warmth on her skin. The world was gloomy and cold now, and she had to feed … Continue reading

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Afternoon Of A Dragon

It was late afternoon and Uriella was quite ready for her proverbial 5 o’clock tea. Dragons had their habits, too, after all. She decided to assume her human form… those tiny wee teacups were not designed for claws, and she didn’t want to break the l… Continue reading

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Scream! Halloween Is Near!

Scream! Halloween is near, the otherworldly souls stir and whisper, ready to meet the living. Lady Death ascends the throne for a night, ruling over whatever creature in any realm. Scream, as long as you are able to scream… because silence will be ev… Continue reading

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Let The Sun Shine – 7th Anniversary Celebrations At Fallen Gods Inc.

Yes, let the Sun sparkle and shine, especially for us living on the Northern hemisphere where Autumn is under the gardens. Fallen Gods Inc. is one year older again, and – instead of expecting presents like a customary birthday boy – Alia Baroque is giv… Continue reading

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A Clockwork Spiral – The Future Is Bright

Marie4972 was feeling rusty, albeit she knew there was no oxygen in outer space… no rust could therefore consume her delicate cogwheels and shiny surfaces. Yet, she was definitely feeling rusty. Maybe because she had been orbiting Earth, a robot ejec… Continue reading

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O Shepherdess Where Are Thyne Pastures?

The last lamb was exhausted and weak. It looked up to the centre of its tiny world, the shepherdess, the benevolent caretaker and the source of all goodness, and it silently begged for water. “Oh my dear… I am so very, very sorry…” – whispered the … Continue reading

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Love Ulaa – Please Help

“Love Ulaa is a fundraising event which aims to raise at least $200 towards sending Ulaa Coronet to visit her terminally ill mother. She has raised half of her target herself through gofundme. Now it’s time for the SL community to step in and lend a lo… Continue reading

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World Goth Fair 2014 – Dark Wings

She landed in an unknown land, wet and dark… which she found pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. She adored darkness, it was her natural element… but all that rain? She shivered as she felt her black feathers were already glued together. How … Continue reading

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World Goth Fair 2014 – My Humble Abode

She was put at the entrance of the mansion more than a century ago. The then reigning baron was an art lover, quite proud of his impeccable taste: he had found the statue of the slender woman in the studio of a young Parisian sculptor, talented but not… Continue reading

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