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Coup de grace

Vyl hovered in the darkness, waiting and watching. She had grown weary of the lack of success her messengers had had in drawing him out; compounding what she saw as his cowardice in not facing her, regardless of what she did to those he called family, … Continue reading

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Vyl wanders past, suddenly struck by the beauty of the smashed up old Taxi “ooooh pretty thing…” glancing around she moves closer, running her fingers over the metal, then swinging up onto the bonnet, sitting there for all the world like it was her p… Continue reading

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On Converse Row…

Scarlet had worked on Converse Row for years now. More than a stones throw from the worst end of town, but several tram stops from any bourgeois security. The tangle of narrow streets and lanes followed the same shambles pattern of centuries earlier, u… Continue reading

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In the Shadows…

Everyone knew what the warning signs were, yellow and black, taken from nature they spoke to the limbic system residing deep within the most evolved creature; Danger lies here. Signs could be misleading, even while they told the truth. The fences aroun… Continue reading

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Some called her wonder woman. She was no Amazon, had no intention of being one.She just did what she could each day, to make herself happy, to brighten the days of those she loved.So Peter Parker was her squeeze… it wasn’t like she could fly her invi… Continue reading

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Defending Avalon – We < 3 RP

The cliffs of Avalon had been a perfect defence for years. Time and tides scoured the coast, great boulders crumbled  to rocks, to stones, to sand. The barriers of mists, so ephemeral, still hung like curtains, keeping the eyes of of the mortal wo… Continue reading

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It had started months ago. Long before that infact…She had been waiting, watching, planning.There had been rumours, whispers reached out across land and ocean, repeating an unknown word.          &nbs… Continue reading

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Dancing through the Fairelands

I spent a few lovely hours walking through the Fairelands, filming their beauty. Suddenly, I remembered the Poppet Paper Doll Avatars… They are made for dancing! Then, the travellers video of himself dancing all around the world swam up to the surfac… Continue reading

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Sakura – Spring’s hope – Fantasy Faire 2015

In IchiGo IchiE the sakura were in full bloom. The delicate flowers appearing from bare wood heralding the start of spring, of life’s miraculous return from the depths of winter sleep. Méi awoke with the flowers, her long slumber at an end. The w… Continue reading

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Protecting the Fairelands : Fantasy Faire 2015

Travellers from other lands had always noted a change in the tides approaching the Fairelands. Waters were no calmer, but the waves had a new quality, a texture, as though the magic of the Fairelands themselves were dispersed below the surface. A stran… Continue reading

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Why I Relay. Fantasy Faire 2015

The nights were hard. The days were too of course. There was no hour, minute or moment that wasn’t a fight. Wasn’t a victory, or a loss. The spirit she embodied was with each who needed her, and they needed her all of the time. That she strove against… Continue reading

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Wildehaven Marsh to Tangleshimmer Grove

The marshlands had been a good place to grow. Few others from the outside world may have seen Wildehaven Marsh as the adventure playground it had always appeared to the eyes of those fortunate enough to dwell there. In the darkest dankest reaches of th… Continue reading

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Light in the Darkness – Fantasy Faire 2015

Sunbeams filtered down through the lush green canopy, warming the woodland carpet of mosses and ferns. These daylight hours were precious, the woods around the settlement friendly and welcoming, she could walk for hours along pathways, through glades,… Continue reading

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Desert Rose – Block 100 Fair

The city was known as the Desert Rose, it wore its name well. Sandstone walls of pinkish hue towered above the rolling sands, stretching out for days on three sides. The ocean guarded the fourth, it was here that she liked to watch the sunset, the glow… Continue reading

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A new future

For centuries past, all the lands and seas around the citadel had contributed to its greatness. From beginnings many in the capital today would call inauspicious, a small fishing village on a natural harbour, amazing changes had occurred. Morgyn was a … Continue reading

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Walking the wilderness

The dried up stream bed passed beneath Nahuel’s feet without the slightest sound. Blades of grass folded, succumbing to his weight; twigs bent and stone ground against stone under him, muffled to muteness by the movement of his body, never erring, lit… Continue reading

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Somebody say cookies?

Greedy, greedy, greedy. She couldn’t help it.Working in the snack cabin all day, she was surrounded by delicious morsels from opening to close. Hers was no ordinary kiosk, everything they stocked was home made, delivered fresh each morning, or througho… Continue reading

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A world of watercolour

Mei had come down to the water to witness the illusion which took place just once each decade.Few believed such things were possible, no one who had never seen it could put any stock in the tales. Those who had been raised on stories of its existence,… Continue reading

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Plastik Men @ The Skin Fair 2015

In the darkness of the town the foghorn echoed across the port, the only sound of safety any could expect to hear at this hour. All other sounds were illicit; from the scratching of roaches and squeaking of rats in the walls, to the muffled footsteps, … Continue reading

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Zoul Creations @ The Skin Fair 2015

Knights in white satin had fallen by the wayside some decades previously…Well the knights were still around, jumping here and there, some even still wore satin, though mostly on their nights off. The Queens changed through time too, changed with the … Continue reading

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