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Jack or Jill 4.0

Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch some games and liquor. Life in the city was no fairytale, no nursery rhyme. The only eggs falling around here were unnamed, and launched from the grubby hands of idle youths.Jill     &n… Continue reading

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When I paint my masterpiece

Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubbleAncient footprints are everywhereYou can almost think that you’re seein’ doubleOn a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs Got to hurry on back to my hotel roomWhere I’ve got me a date with Botticelli… Continue reading

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Sketch Artist

Knock, Knock, Knock. No answer, no reply. Looking around, he checked the number on the building, it had seemed such an unlikely spot after all. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a folded note. Torn from thick heavy paper, its edges feathered with … Continue reading

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L’école d’art had an expansive summer programme, sending students across the continent in search of ideas. Each student, talented in their own way, packed up their new bags and went out to explore. Everyone was given their choice of equipment, the too… Continue reading

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Luck o’ the Irish Steampunks

It was the luck of the Irish, so some said. Others saw fate’s manipulation in the slowly turning cogs and gears, those hidden behind the veil, beyond the mist. Each theory had it’s acolytes, those who would spread the word, and the belief, along with t… Continue reading

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Jack and Jill part 2

The motel had seen better days, better months, better years. Decades had passed since any new coat of paint had licked across the frontage, aside of course, from the nightly daubings of local gang tags claiming  territory. The Orachtes Hotel had o… Continue reading

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Twilight wanderings at Thrift 2

Nala walked in the mists. Slow pacing through the gloaming, the twilight flowed with her steps. Barefoot beneath her gown, toes curling into grass and leaf litter warmed by the sun, even below the canopy of trees.The last of the dappled sunlight caress… Continue reading

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Lets Thrift again…

Down here she lurked, away from the cruel sunlight. It did not burn her skin the way it could the others of her ilk, but even so, its lurid colours hurt her dark eyes, the shimmering mirage of blues and greens in the ultra violet filled light were just… Continue reading

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Endless Summer Surfing

They had been down at the beach for hours, the sun had risen, and they had talked. As the tides came and went, they moved with them, riding the waves when the swells rose over hidden sandbars offshore. Exhausted, from time to time they would ride a wav… Continue reading

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Endless Summer beach stroll…

Chloe had walked along the beach, mile after mile, the sun riding high in the sky, her feet pressing shallow imprints in the wet sand. The flipflops were no hindrance on her stroll, the feeling of the sand between her toes was just about her favourite … Continue reading

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Back in the Thrift Shop

Eeek everything got very busy! Super strength busy! My apologies for the lack of lil stories to go along with these – I will make it up to ya all soon. Here we go, more of the amazing skins from SUGAR available at the Thrift Shop event by Depraved Nati… Continue reading

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Thrift Shop

I’m gonna pop some tags…Only got 20 dollars in my pocket…I – I – I’m huntin’… Lookin’ for a come-up…This is Fucking Awesome!Arabella was of the summer. She travelled from place to place, this was one of her favourites, down by the water wh… Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

The borders of heaven and hell were a strange place. These two worlds touched all the time, but only fleetingly. The briefest kiss. Darkness and light, neither could exist without the other, but they could never be in the same place either, and that ma… Continue reading

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Back on the Block

Here we are, as promised, more of my favourite items from the boutique stores at the Depraved Nation Block 100 event. Hurry on over there – not too long left – and now the first wave of shoppers has subsided, you can move while you shop! Lips : Pink Ac… Continue reading

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Block 100!

The 100 Block – A Full Sim Block Party / A Creative Fusion of Fashion, Music and Art.The Depraved Nation always manages to arrange great events. This one is no exception. One full sim crammed with amazing designers – who have selected some of their f… Continue reading

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Jack and Jill Part 2

As promised – here comes Jack…. : VyC : ., .Pekka, B*FLY, Latreia-, .:ellabella:. ,*Birth*, PM Poses. : VyC : . , 22769, .:ellabella:., KracKer, *Birth*, PM PosesEndless Pain, ::GB:: , SuPerBia, .:ellabella:. , Heartless:, *Birth*, PM PosesAnd finall… Continue reading

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Jack or Jill – Part 1

Ooh yeah!  It’s back again, the dual strand gender bending hunt from Depraved Nation. Fifty stores for the Jills – all you lovely ladies, and fifty for the Jacks – all you beautiful boys! Of course, you can hunt them all, and see what you can find… Continue reading

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 After waiting over half a month for Frost to start, I feel a bit remiss in leaving it this long to blog some items! Here we are anyway at last. Frost is a marvellous event, staged by Depraved Nation. It’s a showcase of some of the best designers … Continue reading

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Dirty Turkey

Busy, Busy, Busy.   How can it possibly be halfway through November already?Halfway through November is halfway through The Depraved Nation’s  Dirty Turkey Hunt!So, you should still have time to make it through all the stops if you hurry, nea… Continue reading

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The Autumn Effect

Some other highlights from this excellent Depraved Nation Hunt! Of the best things about autumn, Christophe would have found it hard to pick just one favourite. They all interlinked, as all natural things would do. The days were shorter, so the nights,… Continue reading

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