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On Converse Row…

Scarlet had worked on Converse Row for years now. More than a stones throw from the worst end of town, but several tram stops from any bourgeois security. The tangle of narrow streets and lanes followed the same shambles pattern of centuries earlier, u… Continue reading

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Defending Avalon – We < 3 RP

The cliffs of Avalon had been a perfect defence for years. Time and tides scoured the coast, great boulders crumbled  to rocks, to stones, to sand. The barriers of mists, so ephemeral, still hung like curtains, keeping the eyes of of the mortal wo… Continue reading

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Diana ft.*Gabriel*,*DS’ELLES*and*NanTra*

NEW*Gabriel* Maria Denim Dress – available in 4 colors (Black , Gray , Light Blue , Pink) – each comes with HUD (Quilting dress in black or silver) Hair:NEW*Mina* Aranka (Essentials) at Kustom9 – Skin:NEW*DS’ELLES* Lola Java Shape:NEW*DS’ELLES* Lola at Ross Event – Body:*Maitreya* Mesh Body Lara Shoes:*Maitreya Gold* Laud Boots Necklace:*RE* ReVoX […] Continue reading

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It had started months ago. Long before that infact…She had been waiting, watching, planning.There had been rumours, whispers reached out across land and ocean, repeating an unknown word.          &nbs… Continue reading

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A new future

For centuries past, all the lands and seas around the citadel had contributed to its greatness. From beginnings many in the capital today would call inauspicious, a small fishing village on a natural harbour, amazing changes had occurred. Morgyn was a … Continue reading

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A world of watercolour

Mei had come down to the water to witness the illusion which took place just once each decade.Few believed such things were possible, no one who had never seen it could put any stock in the tales. Those who had been raised on stories of its existence,… Continue reading

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Beauty among clockwork – DS’Elles @ Skin Fair 2015

Life in the clockwork city tick tock ticked its way, the automatons in each workspace busying through the hours, clanking and whirring, all well oiled machines. The living were something of a rarity in the city now, where once heartbeats reverberated r… Continue reading

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