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On Converse Row…

Scarlet had worked on Converse Row for years now. More than a stones throw from the worst end of town, but several tram stops from any bourgeois security. The tangle of narrow streets and lanes followed the same shambles pattern of centuries earlier, u… Continue reading

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In the Shadows…

Everyone knew what the warning signs were, yellow and black, taken from nature they spoke to the limbic system residing deep within the most evolved creature; Danger lies here. Signs could be misleading, even while they told the truth. The fences aroun… Continue reading

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Danger! Danger! High Voltage Hunt!

Esmerelda tapped a fingertip against the mic in her hand, checking for the soft electrical hiss, the gentle scream of feedback. She always enjoyed this moment the most. Behind the curtain, feeding from the anticipation rising in the crowd beyond. The g… Continue reading

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For the boys…

Menswear fashion week March 23-31He walked around the shadowy green room, tapping dexterous fingertips against his pale chin…”What to wear, what to wear…”Most days, his options felt limited. There wasn’t much choice, although, perhaps this was for … Continue reading

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