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Barbie* I’m Your Authority

… and I will spank you !!!  rawwwrrr…. I’m kidding.. haha… It is just a look … everyone who really knows me, knows that I’m a submissive girl in the BDSM lifestyle, not even a switch, which I intend to show in this post, a girl with an “authority role” but still wearing a collar [...] Continue reading

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Barbie* Devilicious Red

Well, I was in the mood of a sexy post !!  So, I decided to wear some red latex.. Rawrrr!! This red latex suit  is the “Dominatrix Hunt” item from [ Orage Creations ] “Domina“, this includes the red body suit, gloves and socks (not showing), everything for only 1 L.  Is a very sexy [...] Continue reading

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Barbie* Old War Slut

Hola Chicas!!! Hey girls!!! Omg… I just spent like four hours doing this post!!! I don’t want to talk to much, because I’m already tired. Anyways… what I want to show you in this post is this dress from [ Milk ] “My Combat Mini Slut“, is a very sexy dress for the slutty inside [...] Continue reading

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Barbie* Wild Cat

Hola chicas!!! I have a very sexy outfit to show you, [ Graves ] “Wild Cat”… is a transparent in latex catsuit with leopard pattern, which includes : the catsuit (multiple layers), ears, collar, arm strap, belt, claws, g-string and nipple pasties.  As always, [ Graves ] give us extremely sexy and hot outfits. Get the Barbie* look : BODY [...] Continue reading

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Kiss the demons out of my dreams

Here I am, back again after some days and 1 year older   Gawd took me a while to get over the first shock that I’m 25 now o.O  Anywaysh, here we go with the details of my birthday demon outfit xD ♥ Shelzy Skin:  So damn old and not available anymore I think o.o [...] Continue reading

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O hai guys! This weeks theme was Kit-Nin (Kitten-Ninjas) My waifu and bestie Mint  and I were trying to create a look for our new RP personas! and really, it doesn’t get much cuter than Kitten Ninjas. The only thing of note I will mention, because I get so many im’s and mails about this, is that [...] Continue reading

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Tu me manques…

Okish, so this is look was kinda fun to create and yeah I know it looks like my usual black style but it just came out of my head xD I layered and layered and after I felt like a cute black onion and the song was my song of the day yesterday so yush [...] Continue reading

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger !

Hooo! First post after 2 months and damn I still know how to do it o.O   So thought I`d start again with just one of my usual LOTDs but in a new pic style ;D As I had to edit everything again with new pc and different viewer and better graphics (hell yeah, I can [...] Continue reading

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Barbie* Leash Me

 ❤ [▶] The song said it all.. for me this song it so perfect …. haha… …  ❤ ” Just one night full of sin feel the pain on your skin tough, I don’t scream mercy it’s your time to hurt me If I’m bad tie me down shut me up, gag and bound me [...] Continue reading

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