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❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ #392

❀ Dress : <Nocciola> Magic*Senshi-Pink @ Kawaii PonPon❀ Sandals : [ parfait. ] Bow Sandals .pink. NT  ❀ Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Rumi hair-Fatpack @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival❀ Skull : *Precious Skully Broom* Les su… Continue reading

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Early Winter

The Right Honourable, the Lady Chillyfreeze McIce Frost of Icicleville and Snowfields was toying with an ice cube rather recklessly. How was that possible? Autumn leaves still on the branches? Kids giggling in the soft sunshine? Rain now and then, Autu… Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy, Bein’ Green

Fern O’Shaughnessy lived the quiet life of a wood pixie. From Spring to Autumn she took care of the mushrooms, the wild flowers, and – of course – the tufts of fern that were growing in her hidden cove among the green hills of Ireland. In Winter … Continue reading

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