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Light in the Darkness – Fantasy Faire 2015

Sunbeams filtered down through the lush green canopy, warming the woodland carpet of mosses and ferns. These daylight hours were precious, the woods around the settlement friendly and welcoming, she could walk for hours along pathways, through glades,… Continue reading

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Blood Letters

Droplets of blood, dried where they had fallen on the paper, or were smeared across the old fashioned typewritten letters, letters which were arriving day after day. Letters each day signed with a bloody kiss. The Mantis… a serial killer locked away…. Continue reading

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Twisted Spring 2014

Twilight was the time for her magic. The day to plan, dusk to summon, all night for work and fun. Chalk smeared across stone, curls and crosses, the path the spirits would walk. Candles would light their way, alcohol and tobacco would tempt them, urgin… Continue reading

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Room 326

Discover the mystery of the Silent Peacock Hotel…What happened to the fifteen people who vanished after spending a night in the hotels room 326? Sure the Hotel is a bit down at heel, a little shabby around the edges. You can’t expect a place with a r… Continue reading

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