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Splish Splash

Down the rain came. Late November, but it was warm enough under the storm clouds that gathered over the city, keeping the heat of its inhabitants and industry in. Even the drops of rain that streamed down were not enough to chill those who headed out t… Continue reading

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Divine Blues

She used to be a member of the Sapphire Tribe, she remembered that very well. Many, many aeons before her world had been vivid, happy and busy… she could hear the voices of men and women and children every evening she climbed up on top of the Tower, … Continue reading

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Barbie* Eye Candy

Hey girls!! I have some awesome newss… I love shoes, I simply adores shoes… one of my favorites shoes store on the grid is [ N-Core ], they have amazing designs, the hud is excellent, feet textures are really nice, and the variety of colors and how you can mix and match colors in the [...] Continue reading

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FallnAngel at Fashion for life

More deliciousness from the Fashion for life event and this time it’s from FallnAngel creations. I love a bit of costumery from time to time and none more so that a big fancy bustle, so the Victorian feel of the Anna gown is right up my street, the kim… Continue reading

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Barbie* Knockin’ on Heavens Door

I’m not gonna link the song (It is from Guns n’ Roses).. I like it…  but .. I don’t want to suggest I’m about to die in the picture… lets say I’m just visiting .. haha O.O … Thursday is here!!!!! yayyy!!  Ok.. in this post I wanted to show you how pretty is the [...] Continue reading

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Barbie* Leash Me

 ❤ [▶] The song said it all.. for me this song it so perfect …. haha… …  ❤ ” Just one night full of sin feel the pain on your skin tough, I don’t scream mercy it’s your time to hurt me If I’m bad tie me down shut me up, gag and bound me [...] Continue reading

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