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Colours of the sky

The colour of the sky changed in the middle of the fight and then she stood on different ground. It had happened before to her and she had been training for those moments since she could remember.The next would be that they would try to trap her. But s… Continue reading

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Leaving the matrix

It had been a long way out of the matrix. But not long enough to cool her anger. Hidden behind her mask she pressed her eyes together when the pure light hit her eyes. Oh she was ready and the dance would follow her beat. Clockwork Orange is one of th… Continue reading

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The way the ground felt under her paws was still new for her and  the fact that she didn’t hear her own movements also was. But it was what Elonie had wanted. Sometimes the scars still bleeded so she had wrapped cloth around her legs. The Pain she… Continue reading

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Fighting, tea and innocence

The attacks were so regularly lately. Maybe the idea to attack the castle of the Hiro-Mi-Tego Family had not been the idea but it had been successful and success was what counted. Besides decent behaviour, sharp swords and perfect tea of course. Tamin… Continue reading

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Girls gotta eat

The fights took part every weekend. There were no rules so every weapon was allowed. Of course nobody used firearms those were kind of frowened upon. Cat had seen people using bow and arrow. Not a smart choice of weapon in her opinon but some people go… Continue reading

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