You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop

When my niece was younger, she used to walk around singing this song. I swear it has to be the most catchy thing because you hear it once and it plays non-stop in your head after that. In fact, I started singing it as I wrote out the title to this blog. . . I like to think I’d make her proud but she may deny ever knowing that song since she’s almost 9 now. However, she’s a bit of a dork like her mother and I so she might embrace it.

Cupcake Bow: Grumble – Hair Bow-Cup Cake-Pink (Candy Fair)
Hair: Exile::- Time and Sound in Light Blondes
Mouth Piece: Una – Candy Mouth (Candy Fair)
Necklace: Una – Candy Collar (Candy Fair)
Dress: ~Sassy!~ – Candy dress in Chocolate (Candy Fair)
Shoes: N-core – VENUS in Fuchsia
“Love You” Heart: [Rassasy Foods] – CandyHeart Stuffie “Love You” (Candy Fair)
“I Want Candy” Sign: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Candy Sign in Purple (Candy Fair)
Cotton Candy Cart: !! Follow US !! – Cotton Candy cart in Pink (Candy Fair)
Cotton Candy Board: !! Follow US !! – Cotton Candy board (Candy Fair)
Pose: Elephante – Candy Girl #6 (Candy Fair)

Yet, I’m the only light that you see

It’s been a while since I have blogged anything just to blog it. Which is ironic and sad all at the same time given that I spend most of my time putting outfits together out of various articles of clothing. This outfit is definitely something I would wear on a normal occasion. It’s girly, flirty, casual, and you could dress it up a bit more if you wanted. All in all, I will call it perfect for me.

Hair: Exile:: – Just a Reason in Dark Browns (The Arcade)
Top: Tee*fy – Lillian Halter Top in Vintage (Collabor88)
Jeans: [Cynful] + lil’lace – Bell Bottom in Brown
Shoes: N-core – ETOILE in Automne
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Honey Diva Necklace (FaMESHed… I think)

Mr. Darcy

"You have bewitched me, body and soul."
-Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth - Qopi (New!)
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Top: The Secret Store - Peplum Shirt - Delicacy (Love Donna Flora)
Shorts: Tee*fy - Abbey Highwaist Basics Short
Heels: N-Core - Cuore

Pose: Apple Spice - Pinup Pose 10

Tea Cup - Apple Fall
Book - Floorplan
Rug - The Loft



Happy Wednesday! Just a quick post to show off a couple of the beautiful things I picked up from Collabor88 by Tee*fy. Also, just an fyi that I will be making some changes to my blog in the next week or stay tuned!

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth - Chilali (New!)
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Angelika
Top: Tee*fy - Bella Ruffles Camisole (c88)
Shorts: Tee*fy - Heather Ruffles Shorts (C88)
Heels: N-Core - Cuore


Around Every Corner

Good morning! Just a quick post this morning so I can show off this beautiful dress from Eaters Coma. I love the way this dress fits, the textures, everything. I wore it out last night to the event I had been waiting all day to get home to, Collabor88! So many beautiful things, I can't wait to share!
 I hope you have a wonderful day!

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth - Marisol
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Necklace & Earrings: Mandala - Pearl Rain
Dress: Eaters Coma - Cocktail Dress
Purse: Ariskea - Urberry Bag
Heels: N-Core - Cuore

Pose: I made it!


Catch My Breath

Just a quick post today since Griff is home, but I wanted to share this pretty new dress from Ionic that I picked up at the Chapter Four event. I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Shopping List:

Hair: Exile - Stay the Night
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Lip Gloss: Pink Fuel - Juicy Gloss
Necklace: Cae - Love Letters
Dress: Ionic - Noah Bustier and Skirt ( The Chapter Four)
Heels: N-Core - Addiction (even though you can't see them!)

Pose: aDORKable Poses - Shy


I felt like a deer in your lights

*REDGRAVE* 08 Pale Skin -Bella- /*smoky
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -16- Elemental
-Glam Affair- Glitter Eyeliner in Silver
Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth - Red
Pink Acid Make Your Own Razor Blush -Tintable - 2
Pink Acid Natural Beauty Beauty Mark Mole Only
*REDGRAVE* Eyes Bella -Dusky-
TRUTH HAIR Candy - black & whites
*LpD* *Erika* Dress Black exclusive release for the Avenue-Zenshi Mall
*REDGRAVE* Shoes HELENA - 12colors
-Glam Affair- Lisanna hat - Black
*REDGRAVE* Jewelry (Ring R and bracelet included on Bella skin)
*REDGRAVE* 02 Ring Toadstool-design -Gold- (L)
*REDGRAVE* Cyrcle Necklace -Gold-
*REDGRAVE* Watch Chained Desire - Gold

Analog Dog ladonna nutmeg hair Gift
Pink Acid Diva Lip Gloss 02 - Cherry Red Gift
I'm Your Diva outfit (hat included) Group Gift
N-core "Lulu" Red Shoes Group Gift
Hot Tiger Women's Necklace Gift
Poses *EverGlow*

So This Is Goodbye

I loved this hat from MiaMai the moment I saw it, and I couldn't help but be inspired to do a vintage style post to show it off. (In the interest of full disclosure, I photoshopped the hair to fit this hat to save some time.) I also love the new lipsticks out from Pink Fuel and available on many beautiful colors! If you haven't tried them out, make sure to take a peek at the demo. 

Shopping List:

Hat: Miamai - Gatsby Silk Hat (L'Accessories)
Hair: Truth - Candy
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Lipstick: Pink Fuel - Glossy Pout Lipstick (New!)
Top: The Secret Store - Peplum Shirt (New!)
Skirt: Mon Tissu - Oxford Pencil Skirt
Heels: N-Core - Cuore

Pose: I made it!! 



Life is full of surprises this week, so just a quick post this morning to show off this sexy new dress from Cynful. I love all the fun colors it comes in as well it's y-strap back. I hope you have an amazing day. <3 

Shopping List:

Hair: Magika - Forget
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara
Eyelids: Slink - Mesh Eyelids
Dress: Cynful - Tara Longshirt
Heels: N-Core - Cuore

Pose/Prop: HIS Poses - HIS mic



It's been a nice, relaxing weekend...which is good until I realize that it is almost over!  I wanted to make sure to share this sexy dress from SYSY that is available at Zodiac!  I love the graphic on it and it also comes in some pretty amazing colors.  Be sure to stop by and pick it up if you get the chance!

Shopping List:

Hair: Elikatira - Conclusion
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Dress: SYSY - Bullseye ( Zodiac! )
Heels: N-Core - Cuore

Pose: Glitterati - Pin Up Girl



Happy Friday!!  My week was pretty crazy, so today just could not get here fast enough.  It's kind of funny how you can have all these plans, then the smallest unexpected thing can send your whole day on a detour.  Not that I mind too much, sometimes the best things happen on those unexpected side trips.

There is so much shopping goodness out right now and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pieces.  I love this blazer from The Secret Store, available at FaMESHed.  It comes in tons of pretty colors and has an option for cuffs or no cuffs.  Also, Auxiliary has a sexy new top out for the latest round of Collabor88.  It comes with two style options, each one so cute I am pretty sure I am going to have to blog it again. 

Shopping List:


Hair: Truth - Jodie
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Blazer: The Secret Store - Structured Blazer (FaMESHed)
Tank: Suicidal Unborn - The Tank
Scarf: Mon Tissu - Skinny Scarf
Jeans: Mon Tissu - Lou Lou Denim
Heels: Maitreya - Liaison


Hair: Milana - Meaghan
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Top: Auxiliary - Just Frills (Collabor88)
Pants: Mon Tissu - Bloomsbury Trousers
Heels: N-Core - Caresse

Pose: Glitterati - Jealousy


This Moment

Just a quick hello this morning before I run off to work... I am so happy tomorrow is Friday!  I did want to show off this beautiful new dress that I picked up at Collabor88 from ISON though!  The dress comes in an array of stunning colors and has options for the sheer addition for either sleeveless or long sleeved.  (To be honest, either way is great) Have an amazing day!

Shopping List:

Hair: Magika - Forget
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Dress: ISON - Flight Bodycon Dress (Collabor88)
Heels: N-Core -Cuore (New!)

Pose: Glitterati - Model Pack #30

Tell Me A Secret

I couldn't wait to show off this adorable dress from C'est la Vie that is available at The Box event this month, I love it!  I think it goes perfectly with my new heels from N-Core too, hehe.  If you haven't seen them yet, these heels come with a hud that allows you to change them between four different styles.  How great is that?   <3

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth - Tymber
Skin:  Al Vulo - Sakia
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Gold Twin Hearts
Dress: C'est la Vie - Lace Collar Dress
Heels: N-Core - Cuore (New!)

Prop/Pose: Art Dummy & Flowey - A Story to Tell a Friend ( Pose Fair )


I’m inside this dream that feels just like a desert rain

.tsg. Hope :: X tone :: Bust :: Blonde :: NT - Soft Body
Pink Acid Natural Beauty Freckles & Beauty Mark Mole
Pink Acid Cupcake Glaze Gloss & Teeth - Pink 02
Pink Acid Intense Eyeshadow & Eyelashes 01
Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush - Red
.tsg. Vibrant - Ice Blue eyes
TRUTH Laurie w/Roots - fairyfloss
Gawk! Rose Vintage Body (with Tango applier) for Big Boobies Show
Shoes CARRIE - 12colors / REDGRAVE
: Amorous : Aubade Pinked Jewelry set
-Glam Affair- Spiked Shoulder Pads White/Gold
Single Poses Le Poppycock
Couple Pose Diesel Works - Snuggly

~Oceane~ Just Kissed (& liner) 6 Hunt
~Oceane~ Pretty Lashes by Oceane Hunt
Gawk! White Lace Dress
*T.Whore*- Lace Stocking
N-core COQUETE Platform "Pale Pink Zebra Gift

Any Minute Now

 Any minute now, my ship will come in
I'll keep checking the horizon
and I'll stand on the bow
and feel the waves come crashing
Come crashing down, down, down on me

And you said, "Be still, my love
open up your heart
let the light shine in"
Don't you understand?
I already have a plan
I'm waiting for my real life to begin

- Colin Hay

Shopping List:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lily (New!)
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Necklace: Yummy - Vintage Bow Necklace (Collabor88)
Dress: MONS - Draped Mini Dress ( Zodiac )
Heels: N-Core - Addiction (The Event - Hollywood)

Pose: aDORKable Poses - Lean II ( Pose Fair )


Pin Up

I bought myself a Christmas present yesterday, just for fun.  Lolas Tangos make me feel like a pin-up girl, I love them! I stopped by The Boobie Show event and picked up this comfy sweatshirt from Gawk!, along with a lot of other sexy things.  If you get a chance, be sure to stop by and check it out!

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth - Lucia
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Breasts: Lolas - Tango
Sweater: Gawk - Cozy Mini Sweatshirt (The Boobie Show)
Panties: Gawk - Mini Panties
Heels: NCore - Coquete Platform

Pose: Glitterati - Pinup 2



I really did plan to do a very Christmasy post today...but I got swept up in celebrating and time got away from me.  I do want to share the adorable new babydoll set from Severed Garden though, available in 8 colors and for only $89L each! Make sure and take a peek when you have a chance!

Shopping List:

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Christy
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Outfit: Severed Garden - Cindy (New!)
Heels: N-Core - Coquette

Poses: aDORKable Poses



"I can resist anything except temptation."
- Oscar Wilde

Shopping List:


Hair: Exile - Release Me
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Lingerie: The Sea Hole - Catalina Lingerie Set (Collabor88)
Heels: N-core - Caresse


Hair: Elikatira - Conclusion 
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Lingerie: The Sea Hole - Catalina Lingerie Set (Collabor88)
Heels: Maitreya - Liaison (New!)

Pose: Glitterati - Drama



One of my favorite items that I picked up while at Cinema last weekend were these ruffled panties from Cracked Mirror.  They are so sexy and playful that I couldn't wait to try them on!  The are available in several colors and there are also matching corsets, so make sure to take a peek when you get a chance. Cinema is going on now until October 31st!

Shopping List:

Hair: Exile - Release Me
Skin: Al Vulo - Sakia
Panties: Cracked Mirror - Ruffle Knickers (Cinema)
Heels: N-Core - Ultraplatform

Pose: aDORKable Poses - Element 3 (Cinema)


Bad Girl

I've been a little sick the past couple of days, but I finally dragged myself out of bed long enough to sort through all of the goodness I have been wanting to blog.  I absolutely love the new Twenty Three Tee from BOOM, it comes in a jaw-dropping 55 colors as well as graphics which include countries, destinations, and skulls. It fits perfectly and is so much fun...How can I possibly only share it once!?

Shopping List:

Hair: Magika - Tendency
Skin: Al Vulo - Julia Intense Night (Group Gift)
Shirt: *BOOM* - Twenty Three Tee (New!)
Bracelets: Insanya - Zed is Dead Baby
Pants: Maitreya - Leather Leggings
Heels: N-core - Ultra Platform

Pose/Prop: Diesel Works - Poly Wall