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On Converse Row…

Scarlet had worked on Converse Row for years now. More than a stones throw from the worst end of town, but several tram stops from any bourgeois security. The tangle of narrow streets and lanes followed the same shambles pattern of centuries earlier, u… Continue reading

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In the Shadows…

Everyone knew what the warning signs were, yellow and black, taken from nature they spoke to the limbic system residing deep within the most evolved creature; Danger lies here. Signs could be misleading, even while they told the truth. The fences aroun… Continue reading

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Defending Avalon – We < 3 RP

The cliffs of Avalon had been a perfect defence for years. Time and tides scoured the coast, great boulders crumbled  to rocks, to stones, to sand. The barriers of mists, so ephemeral, still hung like curtains, keeping the eyes of of the mortal wo… Continue reading

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Sakura – Spring’s hope – Fantasy Faire 2015

In IchiGo IchiE the sakura were in full bloom. The delicate flowers appearing from bare wood heralding the start of spring, of life’s miraculous return from the depths of winter sleep. Méi awoke with the flowers, her long slumber at an end. The w… Continue reading

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Desert Rose – Block 100 Fair

The city was known as the Desert Rose, it wore its name well. Sandstone walls of pinkish hue towered above the rolling sands, stretching out for days on three sides. The ocean guarded the fourth, it was here that she liked to watch the sunset, the glow… Continue reading

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Demonic Highrise – Plastik at Skinfair 2015

Down in the streets, the acolytes and affiliates roamed in shadow and sunlight. Petra kept to the shadows. These days full sunlight, even for the briefest of moments, hurt like Hades. She was temptation, a lure, an unexpected oasis in the world of noi… Continue reading

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Horrorfestive 2014 For Munchflower Zaius

I open with an apology – I’ve been ill ill this week, stuck in bed and feeling blergh. I couldn’t put off any longer sharing the news of Horrorfestive 2014. (Although I don’t have the energy to come up with any stories or have edited the images – again… Continue reading

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Moonlight magic

She would put a spell on the world.When darkness fell in the town of New Babbage, and the majority of scholars at the institute were tucked up in their libraries, common rooms or beds, the nocturnal students were beginning their work. Many took over fr… Continue reading

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Vengeance in the woods

Arianna had searched the forest. Weeks had passed since she had heard from her elder sister. While this wasn’t unusual in itself, her sister had been in touch so often lately, bragging of her new house. “Oh you should see the windows, they are so clear… Continue reading

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