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The signs were posted all around, clearly marking the land surrounding the cemetery as off limits. There had been warnings from the townspeople, but these had been ignored with a polite not by the corporation. Such warnings always were.They were diggin… Continue reading

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Moonlight dancer

She lay in darkness like the night. Limelight moonbeams would caress her skin, hour after hour, show after show. Soft furs enfolded, delicate silk suspended, stronger than steel; but then, nature always was… She loved the classics, would tug on any h… Continue reading

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Blood Letters

Droplets of blood, dried where they had fallen on the paper, or were smeared across the old fashioned typewritten letters, letters which were arriving day after day. Letters each day signed with a bloody kiss. The Mantis… a serial killer locked away…. Continue reading

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Green Mire

The mire had many moods, many colours and many names. Each person visiting, day tripping, fishing or camping saw it in their own way. It appeared different to them because it was. Straying from the path was dangerous, so read the signs, rotten and tilt… Continue reading

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Love in the mists

They were of the mists…They would be everywhere, part of everyone and everything. Steam rising, dew forming, tides rolling, and rivers flowing. Under the moon, the sea fret formed. As did they. They emerged from vapour just as they had entered it, c… Continue reading

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Luck o’ the Irish Steampunks

It was the luck of the Irish, so some said. Others saw fate’s manipulation in the slowly turning cogs and gears, those hidden behind the veil, beyond the mist. Each theory had it’s acolytes, those who would spread the word, and the belief, along with t… Continue reading

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Retake the night

Out of the darkness they came. From shadows, creeping from doorways, sliding through pools of neon spilled out on the pavement. Signs glowed high overhead. Medecin. Hotel. Cafe. Everything aglow at a distance. Until none feared to walk the streets they… Continue reading

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Bloody grief

In her grief she wore white. Some traditions you never could get away from, especially those with roots buried deep in the heart that no longer beat inside her chest. Seven years. Seven years had passed. From the elusive stranger hanging upside down i… Continue reading

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Small town escape

Life in the small town was repetitive… Day in, day out, hours rolled by, but it all seemed to stay the same. First there had been school, days segmented into classes, recess giving time to run around and play before being corralled back inside, more … Continue reading

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Merry Crisis!

☠‡☠  MERRY CRISIS GACHA FAIR  ☠‡☠  It had been a long time, and she had been hiding beneath the earth. Hiding from others and herself. There was no need to think when buried so deep, and very little else to do but think – an… Continue reading

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Institutional Art

First days back at school were always a little different. Here at the Institute of Arts, where designers mingled with mystics and critics, things were perhaps a little more different than usual.The mid afternoon gloom of mists rolling in off the lakes … Continue reading

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The Boxer

She was just a poor girl though her story’s seldom told. She’d squandered her resistance for a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises. All lies and jest! Still the girl hears what she wants to hear and disregards the rest…When she left her… Continue reading

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Garage Nights

The Garage didn’t appear to be anything special… as it turned out, that was entirely the point. Seeming special was for the purpose built clubs in the town, the ones where security bordered each doorway, ushering in the shiny and the famous ahead of … Continue reading

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Back in the Thrift Shop

Eeek everything got very busy! Super strength busy! My apologies for the lack of lil stories to go along with these – I will make it up to ya all soon. Here we go, more of the amazing skins from SUGAR available at the Thrift Shop event by Depraved Nati… Continue reading

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The ship had settled into its final resting place on the rocky shore some months back. Now it lay there, breaking up slowly as storms came and went, washing the wooden planks into the murky coves that made up the edges of the island. It was in this dar… Continue reading

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Do not disturb…

      Leave passion to rest in the peace it may find.Do not disturb…          Pose : Del May – Do Not Disturb – Group Gift : :[P]:-… Continue reading

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Bathed in the light of Sun and Moon

“Come on down to the beach” they said. Each to their own of course. The many lands had many people, and weather to match. The chill in the north, tropical heat in the south, bound east and west by deserts and rock. They would stretch out under sun or m… Continue reading

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One life, one chance…

High on the cloud mountain the citadel of memories nestled between stone and iron. Each dwelling a fortress for those within its protection, when stepping outside into thick hanging mists meant madness and death. Darkness and swirling winds wrapped ar… Continue reading

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Well, it’s been a long day…

So they said at the end of each day, and the end of each night, as they traipsed in, singly, and in pairs, filling up the booths and barstools at the Supernaturella Café.Nyx and Electa had been friends for many years, having met right here at the end … Continue reading

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Circus of Cats

The cold and dreary days and nights of this circus were done. The humans, with their whips, cages and silly clown cars were gone, perhaps dragging some different mountain of canvas to other unloved patches of ground on the outskirts of towns that never… Continue reading

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