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The Faire Has Begun!

Since I have come back to SL and started blogging again, most of my entries have been a little light on the verbiage.  However, I wanted to take a moment and share a wonderful event that is taking place now (4/19) until Sunday, April 29.  If you don’t know what I am talking about yet, […] Continue reading

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Dancing through the Fairelands

I spent a few lovely hours walking through the Fairelands, filming their beauty. Suddenly, I remembered the Poppet Paper Doll Avatars… They are made for dancing! Then, the travellers video of himself dancing all around the world swam up to the surfac… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2015 – Forever Sprite

Sea Sprites live forever… or, better to say, they live for a very, very, very long time. Jerrilynn Whitefoam was a mere toddler by Sea Sprite standards, but a curious and adventurous toddler all the same. She wasn’t entirely content with the underwat… Continue reading

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Sakura – Spring’s hope – Fantasy Faire 2015

In IchiGo IchiE the sakura were in full bloom. The delicate flowers appearing from bare wood heralding the start of spring, of life’s miraculous return from the depths of winter sleep. Méi awoke with the flowers, her long slumber at an end. The w… Continue reading

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Protecting the Fairelands : Fantasy Faire 2015

Travellers from other lands had always noted a change in the tides approaching the Fairelands. Waters were no calmer, but the waves had a new quality, a texture, as though the magic of the Fairelands themselves were dispersed below the surface. A stran… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2015 – Midnight Sakura

Cherry trees usually blossom in the daytime. Ordinary cherry trees, and ordinary flowers, maybe… but not the mythical Nightshadow Sakura, the admired and treasured plant that maybe two dozen adventurers have ever witnessed to turn into a bouquet of s… Continue reading

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Why I Relay. Fantasy Faire 2015

The nights were hard. The days were too of course. There was no hour, minute or moment that wasn’t a fight. Wasn’t a victory, or a loss. The spirit she embodied was with each who needed her, and they needed her all of the time. That she strove against… Continue reading

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Wildehaven Marsh to Tangleshimmer Grove

The marshlands had been a good place to grow. Few others from the outside world may have seen Wildehaven Marsh as the adventure playground it had always appeared to the eyes of those fortunate enough to dwell there. In the darkest dankest reaches of th… Continue reading

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Light in the Darkness – Fantasy Faire 2015

Sunbeams filtered down through the lush green canopy, warming the woodland carpet of mosses and ferns. These daylight hours were precious, the woods around the settlement friendly and welcoming, she could walk for hours along pathways, through glades,… Continue reading

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Dawn to Midnight – Fashion For Life 2014

High above the rooftops of the city stood the beacon. On the beacon Dawn waited. She had waited all night, just as she did; each and every night. People thought she was a morning person. They were wrong. She was THE morning person, and for that, she st… Continue reading

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Amazon Mischief – FFL 2014

Follow the river upstream from the ocean. Follow the twists and turn, leap cataracts and eventually you could find yourself at the camp. Angela had been here only a few weeks, the heat and light rousing her each morning from sleep. Mosquitoes and drago… Continue reading

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Fashion For Life 2014

Hello:)I’m participating in Fashion For Life 2014!Thank you so much for your cooperation:)http://ffl.iheartsl.comFFL Exclusive*COCO* Jacket Over Shoulders (4 colors of stripes)COCO @Fashion For Life… Continue reading

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Armed Face

Fashion for life a fundraising event for Relay for Life will start today. On 10 sims designers show their latest creations and help raising money for cancer research. But Fashion for Life is way more. There are events as runway shows as well as live dj… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2014 – Goodbye Fairelands

The Faire is over, again… although the magical lands don’t fade away until Tuesday. If you want to visit each of them, slowly quietening down and almost ready to go, it is your chance now. Walk around The Sanctum, Blackwater Glen, Wiggenstead Mooring… Continue reading

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Flaming Finale – Fantasy Faire 2014

Here in the birthplace of continents the guardians of fire waited and watched. Though Leyana had held her post for only a few centuries, it was her calling, what she had been born to do. At all times there was change, constant currents in the lava on … Continue reading

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Sailing on… Fantasy Faire 2014

Beila had sailed all seven of the seas in her ship The Golden Pig, searching, searching. Guided by sun and stars, sails unfurled and fell slack with each capricious gust of of wind. One by one the crew had shown their true colours. Some slunk away in t… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2014 – The Wind In Her Hair

Míwil Delimbiyra adored flying. She could never understand her elven brothers and sisters who always opted for a much more traditional way of transportation… walking on the ground. Maybe because they were actually her half-brothers and half-sisters,… Continue reading

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Faery Court – Fantasy Faire 2014 – Why I Relay

The Faery Court had emerged from the crystalline waters at the turn of the new moon. It could not last long in the world of mortals, their disbelief wore away at it,scale and wing. It would fade once more before it was in tatters. While it lasted its u… Continue reading

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Palace of Tears – Fantasy Faire Quest 2014 (No Spoilers!)

“Ooowh”The dull ache in my head was what had woken me… or was it the damp? Lying here I was becoming more aware of both with each passing moment. Drinking with the Fairefolk? I should have known better.”Oh gods…” I moaned, right hand rising to pres… Continue reading

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No Weeping Angels – Sanctum – Fantasy Faire 2014

On the darkest nights, when even the coldest winds blew, clouds would shift across the sky and moonbeams would caress the earth. Moonbeams and the occasional rat or crow had been the only visitors to the Sanctum in more years than any residing there c… Continue reading

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