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Retake the night

Out of the darkness they came. From shadows, creeping from doorways, sliding through pools of neon spilled out on the pavement. Signs glowed high overhead. Medecin. Hotel. Cafe. Everything aglow at a distance. Until none feared to walk the streets they… Continue reading

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Bloody grief

In her grief she wore white. Some traditions you never could get away from, especially those with roots buried deep in the heart that no longer beat inside her chest. Seven years. Seven years had passed. From the elusive stranger hanging upside down i… Continue reading

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Back in the Thrift Shop

Eeek everything got very busy! Super strength busy! My apologies for the lack of lil stories to go along with these – I will make it up to ya all soon. Here we go, more of the amazing skins from SUGAR available at the Thrift Shop event by Depraved Nati… Continue reading

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Thrift Shop

I’m gonna pop some tags…Only got 20 dollars in my pocket…I – I – I’m huntin’… Lookin’ for a come-up…This is Fucking Awesome!Arabella was of the summer. She travelled from place to place, this was one of her favourites, down by the water wh… Continue reading

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The ship had settled into its final resting place on the rocky shore some months back. Now it lay there, breaking up slowly as storms came and went, washing the wooden planks into the murky coves that made up the edges of the island. It was in this dar… Continue reading

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Do not disturb…

      Leave passion to rest in the peace it may find.Do not disturb…          Pose : Del May – Do Not Disturb – Group Gift : :[P]:-… Continue reading

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This aint a love song…

I should have seen it coming when roses died, Should have seen the end of summer in your eyesI should have listened when you said goodnight, You really meant goodbye…Baby, ain’t it funny, how you never ever learn to fall?You’re really on your knees, … Continue reading

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Darkness will rise from the deep

Once upon a time… when the days were short, and the nights were long…A soft creak of wood and metal would greet each twilight. Coming up from deep in the cavernous excavations hidden under the house on the hill, the telltale sound was audible to no… Continue reading

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Aaaaand another one… I think it’s time that I start to promise I’ll try to wear colours again o.O ♥ Shelzy Shape: .PUTITA. – Pixie Shape Skin: Al Vulo! – Eleonor – [ Natural Sunkissed ] Hair: booN Hat: Cobrahive – Officer Cap V2 Shrug: [Cynful] – Lala’s Shrug       [@ The Boobies Show] Dagger: *BLITZED* [...] Continue reading

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Caught in the crypt

Just as Bluebeard had his secret room, a place to hide the reminders of his past, the cathedral had its crypt. There were bones scattered throughout the building of course, centuries of use and abuse had taken its toll. Some rooms were completely unusa… Continue reading

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Remember what I said about temptations?

Such advice was fine for the little wooden boy who came to life. For others of more importance to the cosmos, those deities at the edges of life and thought, something with more depth was needed, and found. Each to their own, Zathor chose to listen to … Continue reading

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[dots of crimson]

This gem of an accessory is 22769′s contribution for L’accessoires, an event that, just as the name says, provides you an eclectic collection of all things that make an outfit complete and add a little bit of spice to it. The nicely detailed ‘Fascinati… Continue reading

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Pick you up, dust you off, bring you to life

Throwing out post after post tonight, but I’ll give you a break after this one Just my Halloween look ♥ Shel Shape: .PUTITA. – Pixie Shape Dress, hairbow & Skin: .::DS::. – Gothic lolita full avatar Hair: Magika – Volume Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites EyeMakeup: [ni.Ju] – Ankoku Collar: ** – Bound Collar Black [...] Continue reading

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Bloody Mess…

She stalked through the darkness, each step less than a whisper, each movement fluid as silk in a stream. Her pace may once have been measured, a skill learned. All these centuries later, it had faded from any memory she cared to let flow through her m… Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’… Depraved Style

Flique loved the summer. No more short days. No more long nights, shivering, nothing to do and nowhere to go in the chill of winter. The sun was out, the music was playing, Madonna’s “Material Girl” and “True Blue” making the air quiver. The city’s toe… Continue reading

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Psycho Circus

Roll up! Roll up!                            The tattered poster declared… The Psycho Circus is in town!Come see th… Continue reading

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Danger! Danger! High Voltage Hunt!

Esmerelda tapped a fingertip against the mic in her hand, checking for the soft electrical hiss, the gentle scream of feedback. She always enjoyed this moment the most. Behind the curtain, feeding from the anticipation rising in the crowd beyond. The g… Continue reading

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The Girl and the Skull

She lay there at night, bathed in the moonlight shining through the glass panes of the window. Tears welled in her eyes, and slid softly over her cheeks. The music, made to be played so loud, brought her some comfort even as it came from the speakers i… Continue reading

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The Fallen

The fall itself did not seem to hurt him…Not in a physical sense anyway, though, he may not know, or understand this, it being afterall the first time he had taken physical form. Until now, he had been a being of pure light and shadow, even the angel… Continue reading

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[welcome to the shadows]

“I’m the luminance in the gloominess – indisputable way to your providence.”As a true lover of all kind of mesh-items and clothing, I keep searching the Marketplace for new releases, usually of the more uncommon kind. To be honest, I was a bit unsure w… Continue reading

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