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You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…

I have more stunning event exclusives to show you! It’s becoming hard to keep up with all them, since there are so many now and even more around the Holiday Season. So, I will try my best make sure I show all my favorite creations and also make sure th… Continue reading

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LAST DAY for SHOETOPIA 2013 and LaRoo Shoes!

I apologize, Blogspot crashed on me and I lost ton posts, so I am reloading….Next on my list are LaRoo Shoes. It has been awhile since I tried LaRoo shoes. I have no idea why, because they are really amazing! These all mesh shoes are beautifully made… Continue reading

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Skin Addiction’s 4th Annual Black Friday Sale at [PXL Creations]!

PXL Creations will be participating in Skin Addiction’s 4th Annual Black Friday Weekend! Participating skin designers will have select skins marked down at a minimum of 25% off the original price! In celebration of this special event, PXL Creation… Continue reading

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aida Ewing of -Glam Affair- has created yet another STUNNING skin line! I seriously do not know how she does it, but I am glad she does.Vera is the name of this fabulous new skin.Vera’s face is youthful, yet sophisticated, and has the most go… Continue reading

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Birdy Skins for Chapter Four

I basically stopped doing full skin “reviews”, because they take me FOREVER to finish. I am talking days! I have no idea why I am so slow. So, I am trying a new approach and am trying it again. My next couple of posts will be all about skin.Speaking of… Continue reading

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A Mid-Summer Night’s Theme

OMG! As I previously mentioned, I am in LOVE with Collabor88′s heme this month – ‘A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’. All the designers really went above and beyond with all their Collabor88 exclusives. This is sort of a two part post. I g… Continue reading

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IKON Destiny Eyes!

Due to the fact that I am slowest blogger on Earth, I don’t usually do full reviews of anything. This is not because I do not want to, but because it literally takes me days to finish. LOL! However, I have done at least one full review of the items I l… Continue reading

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Drifting Away

Summer is almost officially here, well not technically… However, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend in the States, which kicks of the start of Summer – unofficially. Officially or unofficially, it is definitely feels like the Summer…. Continue reading

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Not Yet Satisfied

This post should have been up sooner, but I was not satisfied with my pics. I actually went back and made a totally new portrait pic, which I still don’t like. It seems like my images are getting worse, as opposed to better. I know my current… Continue reading

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It’s My Nature

Harry Hyx of ISON, just released a gorgeous new mini collection of Spring/Summer mesh separates. It it made up of smart button down collared shirts that are tucked-in; sleek pencil skirts with a sexy side slit; chic bomber vests and jack… Continue reading

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Backyard Boho

Uff! Is it just me or is SL being a major pain in the butt this weekend? I heard it may be due to SL rolling out their server side baking. Unfortunately, I will not be able to experience this nifty new feature until the Firestorm or LL viewer… Continue reading

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I am so sick of feeling crappy and am hoping for a speedy recovery. I figured I would start with a relatively easy post that just contained one image. However, nothing is ever fast or easy with me. LOL!, I tend to unnecessarily fuss over stupid things…. Continue reading

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25% OFF Sale On SOPHIA Skin Line For [PXL] VIP Group Members!

As you have probably heard by now, [PXL Creations] has extended their 25% percent off sale on their whole SOPHIA skin line for VIP Group members. The sale is on for about another 24 hrs, so if you have not seen or demoed this stunning new skin release,… Continue reading

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Just So You Know…

I wanted to a apologize to all the designer I blog for and for to my readers(if I have for my lack of posts. I have been fairly ill the last couple of months and if that is not bad enough, my laptop has been overheating as soon as I start SL…. Continue reading

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AVENUE Fashion Week featuring *LpD*

It is time for the Spring/Summer AVENUE Fashion Week 2013, which will be filled with tons of amazing fashion shows that feature some of SL’s most talented designers. Since I couldn’t be at the shows in the RL, this is definitely second best! My first p… Continue reading

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Skin Fair Review Part One

There are so many wonderful skins to be found at ‘Skin Fair 2013′. So, I figured I would do it in ‘Portrait Styled’ sections. For this post, I decided to feature the gorgeous new skin, Mya, from Tricky Boucher of -Belleza- . Mya is avail… Continue reading

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It is all but a dream…

So much going on right now! You have Fashion For Life and The Skin Fair! Both events were the inspiration for this post. I had his gorgeous ‘Kufi’ dress from Kunglers, which is a Fashion For Life exclusive. I am also wearing the long awaited Zara skin … Continue reading

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SALE at Leverocci and Belgravia!!!

Leverocci and Belgravia are having a HUGE sale! All items, except for their 3/3/13 release items, are up to 75% off! Many of these items will be retired in order to make room for all the exciting new releases to come! So, hurry-up and grab you fav… Continue reading

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The March cycle of Collabor88 is officially open! When I think of the theme and color palate of this round, it reminds me Spring gardens and tea parties! It is fully of lovely pastels, floral and other romantic themes. One of my fav… Continue reading

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I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates….

Hmm! Where to start?! I hurt my eye! Owww! I have not been able to see much the whole weekend and I am in quite a bit of pain. But, there were so many important things to blog that I tried to tough out one post.First of all, the March round of The… Continue reading

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