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Sparkling Mermaid

Spindrift Flotsam Leaper was a treasure-collector, gathering finds from the beach and ocean and creating caches of interesting and beautiful objects. When she was in good mood (which she was often), she leaped alongside the prows of boats, and cheered … Continue reading

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World Goth Fair 2014 – My Humble Abode

She was put at the entrance of the mansion more than a century ago. The then reigning baron was an art lover, quite proud of his impeccable taste: he had found the statue of the slender woman in the studio of a young Parisian sculptor, talented but not… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2014 – The Wind In Her Hair

Míwil Delimbiyra adored flying. She could never understand her elven brothers and sisters who always opted for a much more traditional way of transportation… walking on the ground. Maybe because they were actually her half-brothers and half-sisters,… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2014 – Minoan

The sun was setting and the first torches were already lit. The High Priestess adjusted the last fold of her heavy ceremonial dress. She felt the weight of the ancient crown on her forehead and the weight of duty on her shoulders. The latter was much, … Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2014 – Twilight Huntress

The most dangerous beast come out to hunt at twilight. She knew that since she had been born. Her mother taught her well. The noises, the smells, the slight changes in the air … foreboding and also forewarning signs for a huntress. She prickled her e… Continue reading

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Ipolema 3rd of Haligale was satisfied. This had been her tenth mission and it had been successful. For her that would mean her time as apprentice would be over and she would be seen as a fully initiated shepherdess. Not that it was a surprise, all the … Continue reading

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RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt 2014 – The Red Princess

The Red Princess was ready to become the Red Queen… oh yes, she was ready and greedy to rule. Yet, the current Red Queen was so impolite as not wanting to abdicate in her favour. What a shame. She was still young and energic, she said, and she planne… Continue reading

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The Twisted Hunt 2014 Spring – Magick In The Make

She knew today would be the ideal day to do some magick. Already the dreams had been promising. Her protecting spirit, a mighty golden dragon, had visited her the night before. She knew her powers would soon be pouring out and flowing free. She gently … Continue reading

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Early Winter

The Right Honourable, the Lady Chillyfreeze McIce Frost of Icicleville and Snowfields was toying with an ice cube rather recklessly. How was that possible? Autumn leaves still on the branches? Kids giggling in the soft sunshine? Rain now and then, Autu… Continue reading

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Booey Halloween!

There was silence in the Evil Enchanted Forest. Ominous silence. Every poisonous plant, every bat and snake was ready to pounce on anyone who dared wander around among the bushes on Halloween Night.Yet, all of a sudden, the guardian of the Evil Enchant… Continue reading

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Pirates of the Scarabbean

Scah Rab Anh was so close to the prize, oh so very close. A few more steps and she would finally fulfil the dream of generations and generations of her ancestors. She would finally put her hands on the Chest of the Golden Scarab, the treasure her great… Continue reading

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Some day she would have her own little cafe. At least that was what she had been planing. For years, actually for many years. But this would only happen when the debt was payed. The debt which she had with those smugglers who brought her out of the lan… Continue reading

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We Love Role-Play – The Lady is A Wolf

“Wolfhelmina, don’t run around with your hair unbraided, you look shabby! Wolfhelmina, don’t eat noisily, you’re a young lady, not a stable boy! Wolfhelmina, wear that pretty dress your grandmother gave you for your birthday, your father’s business par… Continue reading

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We Love Role-Play – Wampyre

She was beautiful. She was tall, slim and sinuous. She was queen among her subjects. Yet, she was unhappy and bitter. Who wouldn’t be, she thought, when you cannot leave your underworld realm? She was born a vampire, a lovely princess with alabaster … Continue reading

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We Love Role-Play – Nakooma

Nakooma, the maid hunter whose feet hardly touch a blade of grass.The memories of this year’s amazing Fantasy Faire are still vivid, but some tireless Second Lifers already offer us new entertainment. SL roleplay fans must be very, very grateful to Ari… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2013 – The Green Queen

The Green Queen surveyed her realm with quiet, content happiness. The land was flourishing under her benevolent rule, and the people prospered. She walked around in the castle garden, caressed a tree leaf now and then. Everything felt so… alive, vibr… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2013 – Prickly Rose

She was given the name “Rosalee” and it determined her destiny from immediately after she’d been born. Can someone practice any other profession than a rose fairy’s, with that name? Of course not. Her loving mother pampered little Rosalee, taught her g… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2013 – One Wee Goat

Marjoriana considered herself a smart, no-nonsense girl. In summer, when the whole village worked in the fields and the old women entertained the kids with spooky stories about the creatures that lived in the woods, Marjoriana giggled, wrinkled her nos… Continue reading

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Fantasy Faire 2013 – Dragons Never Give Up!

The attack came so quickly that Dracoylea and her people didn’t notice the invaders until it was too late. The humano-dracoids were peaceful beings who lived in harmony with Nature and one another. There were some brawls in Spring, when certain young… Continue reading

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Asasara was thirsty. Her scales were drying out slowly, yet with a deadly certainty. She knew she needed fresh blood, and very soon… but, in order to quench her thirst, she needed to find a suitable fountain and, in order to find a suitable fountain … Continue reading

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