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After putting on this Lumae Skin from the Fantasy Faire 2018, I am fully convinced I am a boring person in SL.  Since the beginning of my SLife (which was way too long ago), I have always had some form of tan skin.  Even the freebie skin I had when I first started was tan.  […] Continue reading

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The Twisted Hunt 2014 Spring – Magick In The Make

She knew today would be the ideal day to do some magick. Already the dreams had been promising. Her protecting spirit, a mighty golden dragon, had visited her the night before. She knew her powers would soon be pouring out and flowing free. She gently … Continue reading

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Jack or Jill

It had been a long day. It had been a long hard day. It had been a long, hard productive day. They had trawled through almost a hundred stores, searching for just the right items, catching up each like a prize. feet were aching, eyes were sore, night h… Continue reading

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Batty – TSG Sinners Hunt "Wrath"

Bathyna De Wings was bored to death. Her favourite season – Autumn, with Halloween and all that lovely November fog – was long over. She survived December and Christmas only because she pretended it was mysterious and creepy Samhain and not the bri… Continue reading

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