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Plastik Men @ The Skin Fair 2015

In the darkness of the town the foghorn echoed across the port, the only sound of safety any could expect to hear at this hour. All other sounds were illicit; from the scratching of roaches and squeaking of rats in the walls, to the muffled footsteps, … Continue reading

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Zoul Creations @ The Skin Fair 2015

Knights in white satin had fallen by the wayside some decades previously…Well the knights were still around, jumping here and there, some even still wore satin, though mostly on their nights off. The Queens changed through time too, changed with the … Continue reading

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La Malvada Mujer @ The Skin Fair 2015

This was a day Anna had been planning for years… She had admired the work of colleagues, had created a myriad of designs herself. Classes in school, followed by those in college, Anna had learned form, composition, technique. The works she produced… Continue reading

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Nymphs and Dryads .:Soul:. @ The Skin Fair 2015

Wafts of music and the hubbub of voices drifted through the gardens from the packed marquee atop the hill.The garden party was turning into a soiree as afternoon turned through twilight into evening. Lamps were lit around the dancefloor, sweet tunes su… Continue reading

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Beauty among clockwork – DS’Elles @ Skin Fair 2015

Life in the clockwork city tick tock ticked its way, the automatons in each workspace busying through the hours, clanking and whirring, all well oiled machines. The living were something of a rarity in the city now, where once heartbeats reverberated r… Continue reading

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Demonic Highrise – Plastik at Skinfair 2015

Down in the streets, the acolytes and affiliates roamed in shadow and sunlight. Petra kept to the shadows. These days full sunlight, even for the briefest of moments, hurt like Hades. She was temptation, a lure, an unexpected oasis in the world of noi… Continue reading

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my sweet – paris

Essences  - Paris skin exclusive !NEW! @ The Skin Fair {S0NG} :: Sweety Eyes !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 little bones. Blue Monday hair @ KUSTOM9 [monso] My Speech Bubble – Blah Blah potcha & 2byte . Mohair cardigan sweater Cherry @ KUSTOM9 COCORONI : Y-shirts clutch Blue Jean RARE (gacha) @ KUSTOM9 [Aux]Low Rise Leggings – Silver Tri ..S..: Zanotti Sneakers – Ying-Yang (gacha) @ KUSTOM9   Tagged: 2byte, Auxiliary, […] Continue reading

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Lily and friends – my view

Essences  - Lily skin exclusive !NEW! @ The Skin Fair {S0NG} :: Sweety Eyes !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 Magika [03] Plenty hair [MotiAme] Sheer blouse – Green [MotiAme] Flared skirt – Green {AMITOMO}Vintage Camera <Brown Leather>white !Ohmai: Mochi Bunny {Imeka}Juice-Pose 5 !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 *Tentacio* Space Friends Rossi RARE !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 *Tentacio* Space Friends Ernie RARE !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 *Tentacio* Space Friends space forest !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 *Tentacio* Space Friends my home !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 / XIAJ x ZZANG / Delivery Bike + pink + […] Continue reading

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  Essences  - Emma skin exclusive !NEW! @ The Skin Fair pr!tty – Athena hair ::LC:: Lil’ Bunny Bag -thumper !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 /// offbeat /// Daily Tee Shirt 4 !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 /// offbeat /// Daily Flare long Skirt 3 !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 -FAUN- Sleepy Kitty Flats -Taupe- (for Slink feets) !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 {Imeka~}Julie-Pose 8 / XIAJ x ZZANG / Delivery Bike + pink + RARE !NEW! @ KUSTOM9 […] Continue reading

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