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Multicolored Moods of Love

I’ve always loved butterflies. Not just because they’re pretty, but because they’re a symbol of transformation. We all change, in one way or another. I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago. We change and if we’re lucky, we change into better people,… Continue reading

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Bring It One More Time

I used to be really against templates. I watched my creator friends learn Blender and Maya and they’d curse and bang their heads against the walls and all to make first original sculpts, then original mesh. But over time, these same people have let me … Continue reading

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Too Dressy For Coffee

When I was younger, there was this guy who worked at our local Starbucks and he was SO CUTE. I’d find myself going in there when he was working and I was just way too dressy to get a simple coffee. I guess it worked though. I scored more free coffee th… Continue reading

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You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free

We have a little park set up across the street from our house now and I’ve been having way more fun being outside rather than inside the house these days. I am a total sunshine and warm weather type of girl! Livalle will be participating in 21Shoe this… Continue reading

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It’s Never Black Or White

The Liaison Collaborative opened today and it’s a Leather and Lace round! And oh my GOSH. There are SO many pretties, I hardly knew where to start! But I figured I’d be a little bit naughty today, in honor of the Valentine’s weekend. I love when peopl… Continue reading

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A Walk In The Park

Are you ready for spring? I know I sure am! Sunny days and everything waking up from their winter sleep? Sooo ready for it!Collabor88 is open and I just fell hard for the Wallflower dress from Foxes! It’s just super adorable and you have the option of … Continue reading

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Live It With Love

Bit of a last minute Throwback Thursday-ish post for me! Did you know that it’s Coldlogic’s 3rd birthday?? And everything in the store is 50% off!The Twain dress came out last summer, but it’s perfect for a sunny day Valentine date! The 50% off sale la… Continue reading

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Certain As The Sun

When I was growing up, Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite fairy tales, even before the Disney movie came out. I fell deeply in love with the story in all its different retellings. But one thing that remains a symbol of the story is the rose. T… Continue reading

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- chihuahua -

Skin: *YS & YS* Coco 01 Nude – Tone 02 (with lipstick layer fuxia)Shape: *ShapesfloweR* – Xmas giftHair: Truth Hair – Ivana (blonde, NEW)Eyes: IKON – Spectral eyes in leonineHairdress: =Zenith=Award Ribbon Stone HeadBand(Black)Glasses: Adjunct – Ja… Continue reading

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As You Wish

Fit For A Princess is open! It’s a freestyle round this month with lots of goodies for you!I’m wearing the Distressed Duo dress by Greymoon. You can’t see it in this photo, but there is a cut out in the back so it’s not quite as conservative as it look… Continue reading

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Bound By Love

Happy February! It’s a short month, but that just means we’ve got to pack lots into it! Like the opening of FaMESHed and Burlesque!Rebel Hope is at FaMESHed [which is on a new sim! Update your LMs!] with two spicy offerings. The Persephone dress is de… Continue reading

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I Still Remember Her After All These Years

With all the billion events that happen every month, do you ever notice that you honestly don’t know what you’ve even bought any more? And that you have boxes of things that you’ve never worn? It’s kind of sad, in a way, isn’t it? We buy and buy and bu… Continue reading

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Got To Kiss Myself, I’m So Pretty

Do you ever just have REAL trouble taking a picture of yourself? I was asked to send a headshot in for something I’ll be blogging in the future and it filled me with dread. I am the WORST at taking headshots of myself! I can do a regular blog picture a… Continue reading

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Spring Is Coming?

My daughter, Abby, has been asking me when spring is coming back. Well, soon… but with spring comes gardening and just between us, I’m not that great at it! At least I look cute, though.Coldlogic released today! Just a smallish release [well, smallis… Continue reading

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You Know You Never Need A Reason

This is gonna be quick because you gotta go shopping – and fast! Junbug is at The Liaison Collaborative this month with the super pretty Mademoiselle Coco gown. The front has a floral design that goes straight down, but it was a wee bit too low cut for… Continue reading

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I Will Not Ask You Where You Came From

We’re coming up on a new week and it’ll be a good one because a new round of The Liaison Collaborative is starting on the 15th!I’m so very much in love with the I Will Break Your Heart dress by Valentina E. It definitely isn’t breaking my heart! In fac… Continue reading

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Don’t You Talk To Unicorns, Too?

Don’t you sit around having nighttime conversations with your unicorn, too? No? Well, you’re missing out. Unicorns are pretty smart. Collabor88 is opening up with the theme of “OMG! UNICORNS!” Trust me when I say this made a LOT of people very happy! S… Continue reading

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She Believed In The Unexpected

Sometimes I just get a vision in my head of a photo and I just have to attempt to create it in SL. I like when unexpected things like that happen, especially since my ideas are often much bigger than my skills!I’m only kind of familiar with PurpleMoon … Continue reading

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Can Heather find a job that won’t interfere with her tan?

I know, I already did a post today, but Berry did a Yearbook Smile Challenge today that I couldn’t resist! Of course, if I’d ever looked this pretty in any of my RL yearbook pics, I think I would have dropped dead. So that’s the first rule of taking a … Continue reading

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A Little Clutter Never Hurt

One of the things that makes me happy in SL is when I can have a bunch of little knick knacks out. It used to be almost impossible to make anything too terribly cluttery because of prim limits. While we still do have the limits, with mesh and awesome m… Continue reading

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