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It’s been a long time since I’ve been me…

DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Anka Brows 2 Nordic(*ANGELICA) YOUR LIP GLOSS #4 sentimental[Buzz] SpringFaerie Eyes*Dura* Girl*53(Strawberry) hair*Edelweiss* Irie 2.0 at NEKOlace – Siamese{Mango Cheeks} Dulcet Hairbow: PeachLe Poppycock p… Continue reading

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Home ~ The beach.

8f8 Driftwood FENCE at Summerfest ’148f8 Driftwood HAMMOCK at Summerfest ’148f8 Driftwood TOWEL Stand at Summerfest ’148f8 Driftwood CHAIR at Summerfest ’148f8 Driftwood LAMP at Summerfest ’148f8 Driftwood Decorative GRASS at Summerfest ’14flowey’s ori… Continue reading

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Home ~ To the Lighthouse

*ionic* literas gacha at The Chapter Four*ionic* swinging bunny gacha at The Chapter Four*ionic* Vintage lamp gacha at The Chapter Four*ionic* Tilcara gacha at The Chapter Four{Imeka~} poses I love You – Heart jars at The Chapter Four*ionic* Native Sof… Continue reading

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wk n23

house: L2 STUDIO Tarrytown House 72 li by Lindini2 Lane ground: *~MMG’s~* Ground–Huge prim 30.5m(32x32x2)_[plaster] by masomaso Quan walls: *~MMG’s~* Garden wall-Huge prim 30m [plaster] by masomaso Quan fences: 8f8 – 31. Vintage Fence by 8f8 Resident (New – June Arcade gacha) pier: *~MMG’s~* Landing pier_2prim-gray by masomaso Quan flower 1: (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 […] Continue reading

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Home ~ Nicholaston Skybox

{theosophy} Nicholaston Skybox (with radiators and hud to change wall textures)[ARIA] Adelaide bed -PG-junk. street sign. love lane. white.wall.oyasumi oyasumi timesSari-Sari Whovian Teatime{theosophy} Radiator (comes with skybox)[ keke ] hanger art ve… Continue reading

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Decor #1: There’s No Place Like Home

  Hello!!! ^^ So this is my first home decoration attempt hehe I felt inspired by some items I got at the The Nest Easter Egg Hunt and I decided to play around decorating my home The Egg hunt goes till March … Continue reading Continue reading

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Trompe Loeil – Treehouse Cottage @C88

When I think of a treehouse I think of childhood and FUN! So I decided to make a post combining these ideas. I had a blast preparing this post and I sure hope you’ll like it!     House: Trompe … Continue reading Continue reading

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