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In the Shadows…

Everyone knew what the warning signs were, yellow and black, taken from nature they spoke to the limbic system residing deep within the most evolved creature; Danger lies here. Signs could be misleading, even while they told the truth. The fences aroun… Continue reading

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Some called her wonder woman. She was no Amazon, had no intention of being one.She just did what she could each day, to make herself happy, to brighten the days of those she loved.So Peter Parker was her squeeze… it wasn’t like she could fly her invi… Continue reading

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Somebody say cookies?

Greedy, greedy, greedy. She couldn’t help it.Working in the snack cabin all day, she was surrounded by delicious morsels from opening to close. Hers was no ordinary kiosk, everything they stocked was home made, delivered fresh each morning, or througho… Continue reading

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Skin Fair 2015 – YumYums Hope Equinox

Down on the farm, everything was peaceful in the dusk at the end of a long day. The sun held warmth in its rays, for the first time since the winter. Grass bleached by months of cold crackled dryly under her feet, frost still clinging in tiny shards wh… Continue reading

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Into the Forest : We Love RolePlay – March 2015

In the middle of the forest two hearts beat as one. This was their way, and the way it had always been.Their way of life had come under threat before. Centuries earlier strangers had come, driving into their coastline, setting their trees screaming wit… Continue reading

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Creepy Kawaii – Last Day!

Jane, Jane, Impunity Jane, locked in the toybox, time and again. The nursey rhyme; formed from the book which had inspired her name; echoed around toybox, and the dusty attic in which it now rested. It had followed the box from room to room, child to c… Continue reading

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Snow had fallen as one year ticked into the next, the hand on the clock and fireworks bursting amid clouds swollen with winter whiteness. Some had melted in the horizon skimming sunlight of the days that followed, but more fell, and more, and more. Now… Continue reading

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Moonlight dancer

She lay in darkness like the night. Limelight moonbeams would caress her skin, hour after hour, show after show. Soft furs enfolded, delicate silk suspended, stronger than steel; but then, nature always was… She loved the classics, would tug on any h… Continue reading

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The return of a Queen

When the Red Queen was vanquished by the jumped up pipsqueak in her blue dress and fluffy white ruffles it wasn’t the end for the House of Hearts. Of course since that day, when the intruder’s logic had brought down the palace like a pack of cards; rum… Continue reading

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Battles in Wonderland

Alice had long been told she was mad. “After all, we are all Mad here…” The Hatter’s saying may as well have been the National Anthem of Wonderland, if people there could put aside their contrariness and concentrate for long enough to make such a dec… Continue reading

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Green Mire II and Body Mod Expo

Please excuse the last minute rush for these two events!Keep dreaming those dreams of others, out there in the dark. Dream for yourself, be the person you imagine you can be. Just two days left for the MadPeas Green Mire II game, and The Body Modificat… Continue reading

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Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker…

Tensions were rising at the candy store…Summer was over, but Elise found it hard to let go. The blossoms in her world lingered, pink blooms still surrounded her side of the shop, the waning season’s final stronghold. Customers loved the continuity of… Continue reading

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LOTD #561/562: Sweet girls

Credits: Body: Skin: -Glam Affair – Rose – Artic 05 NB (by aida.ewing) Blush: (*ANGELICA) CANDY MAKE UP_HEART #apple RARE (by lindsay.rozen) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014 Hair: .Atomic. {Hair} Sugar Coated – All Colors (by Ivy Graves) [NEW] @ Candy Fair 2014 Clothing: Romper: ::{u.f.o}::sailor boyish outfit – pink … Continue reading Continue reading

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Music to their ears – The Candy Fair 2014

The train had rattled and rolled through the countryside all night. Sleep had been the last thing on her mind as she stole aboard in the orange stained twilight of the city’s railway depot. The click-clacking of wheels on rails had formed a pleasant be… Continue reading

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Moonlight magic

She would put a spell on the world.When darkness fell in the town of New Babbage, and the majority of scholars at the institute were tucked up in their libraries, common rooms or beds, the nocturnal students were beginning their work. Many took over fr… Continue reading

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Sunday Swiftness

Sunday Swift was an unusual collective. They met, as they named themselves, each Sunday, and these visits seemed over almost before they had begun. They all led such busy lives, it was often the only time each could find to relax, to decompress, to sha… Continue reading

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When I paint my masterpiece

Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubbleAncient footprints are everywhereYou can almost think that you’re seein’ doubleOn a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs Got to hurry on back to my hotel roomWhere I’ve got me a date with Botticelli… Continue reading

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L’école d’art had an expansive summer programme, sending students across the continent in search of ideas. Each student, talented in their own way, packed up their new bags and went out to explore. Everyone was given their choice of equipment, the too… Continue reading

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Riding the rails

 It was the era of speed. The twenties roared with shining engines and sparkled with modernity. The horrors of the Great War were not forgotten, they were just that bit harder to see when eyes were dazzled by movement, chrome and sequins. Spitfire… Continue reading

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Summertime fun

Oh, when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fireproof Under the boardwalk, down by the sea On a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be From the park you hear the happy s… Continue reading

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