Dynamic for Men – now available at Slink!

Guys, it’s your turn! The Slink Dynamic Hands for men are now available in the Slink Mainstore! Don’t forget, if you previously bought the static mesh hands, you are entitled to an update to the Bento Enabled hands! More information below.. read on!

Dynamic hands vendor MALE

About the Dynamic Hands for Men!

This release is for the guys! The new Slink Dynamic Hands – Male are now available for purchase in the Slink Mainstore!!

As with the female hands, for people who already own the Slink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands, these are an UPDATE!! Details about the update are below.

These hands are made to be similar to the popular Avatar Enhancement static pose hands, but with the added benefit of being able to animate them! They work with all of your Slink and Omega skin, clothing and nail appliers, and they now respond to the glossy, environment and mask sliders on the Physique body Utilities HUD.

The Stiletto nails option is now its own addon (included with the hands!). This lets me offer 3 different nail lengths for that style as well as the original.

The nicest thing about animated hands is that they will work with animations from Slink, or anyone who makes animations for the updated skeleton. You will need an updated viewer to see these hands properly.

Also available in the store now is the second set of base static poses. This set is representative of the original static set for men that we have had available for the last couple of years. The extra nice thing about these new hands is that you can now wear any of the available pose HUDs and they will work, on both male and female Dynamic Hands!

Update details – or who gets what?

  • If you previously purchased the Multipack of the Slink Avatar Enhancement female mesh hands, you will receive the new Dynamic Hands, the included idle animations, which give your hands a subtle lifelike movement, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, and the complete pose HUD (set 2), containing the 15 poses from the original AvEnhance Male hands.
  • If you purchased the smaller packs 1, 2 or 3, you will receive the hands, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, the idle animations and a pose HUD loaded with the 5 poses from the pack you already own.
  • If you purchased one or more of the single hand sets, you will receive the Dynamic hands, the Stiletto Nails addon and HUD, and a pose HUD loaded with the single poses from the pack you already own. You will be able to purchase the idle animations separately in the store. If you purchased more than one base static pose previously, you will be able to add the extra poses to one single copy of the pose HUD. Instructions for doing this are in the pack 🙂  You will also be able to purchase the full static pose HUD sets in the Slink store!

You can now go to Slink, hit up the redelivery terminal and get your updated hands by simply requesting another copy of your hands purchases.

If your purchase is not in the redelivery terminal, contact Slink Resident inworld to fix it. 							</div><!-- .entry-content -->
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Gallant Magazine – Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Gallant Magazine - Southern Living

Notable Items:

Cans: 8f8 - Milk Containers
Bucket: Atelier Visconti - White Roses Bucket
Hot Tub: Abiss - Allure Spa
Grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass Brown
Pier: Apple Fall - Coastal Pier
Fan: Apple Fall - L’Air Frais
Fence: Botanical - Lattice Fence
Shoe Holder: BS - Flip Flop Holder
Rug: Cheeky Pea - Fish Rug
Trellis: Consignment - Trellis
Table: DRD - Pergola Wicker Sidetable
Rug: Dust Bunny - Breaded Rug
Chair: Dust Bunny - Rocking Chair
Plant: Mesh Plants - Hanging Fern
Lantern: Junk - Large Lantern Silver
Plant: Keke - Sacred Lotus in Zinc Basin White
Build: Llorisen - Lil Shotgun Cottage
Fishing Poles: Pilot - Fishing Poles
Swing: Revival - Swing Double
Plant: Skye - Hosta Leaf
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Basket: The Loft - Oriana Towel Basket
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Magika - 10 Year AnniversaryIt’s been a decade since I…

Magika - 10 Year Anniversary

It’s been a decade since I started making hair in Second Life ♡
To celebrate I’ve put out a bunch of group gifts, permanently lowered the price of 56 hairstyles, and redesigned my store.
The group gifts are a mix of previous gifts, and fatpacks of revamped older styles with new textures.

The following styles are now in the Discount Area for L$150:
Mint, Forget, Wait, Bliss, Awake, Rewind, Moment, Sudden, Careful, Meow, Sweet, Reflect, Curious, Dusty, Sigh, Tendency, Yesterday, Pretty, Visit, Faint, Today, Tomorrow, Little, Clarify, Habit, Now, Early, Later, Quote, Stubborn, Give, Nine, Rhyme, Blame, Take, Clumsy, Stumble, Intended, Remember, Flourish, Tangle, Somewhere, Draw, After, Dare, Awkward, Whimsical, Volume, Secretive, Anywhere, Neko Set, Capture, Calm, Push, Length, Electricity, Drastic, Escape.


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The Darknes

The darknes

Pose: *PosESioN* Isis 8  The Darkness Monthly Event
Tank ..::ILLI::.. Signature Gianni Faux Tank  The Darkness Monthly Event
Keychain:  :HX: Black Superior Keychain "Silver"
Bracelet: *COX*Bracelet NewCoX
Pants: ::GB::Buckle strap pants (Signature)

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Live Like It’s Spring!

Live Like It's Spring!

Lil'Bug @ The Guardians Event - Wheelbarrow
Ariskea @ Fameshed - [Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Rosa]
Ariskea @ Fameshed - [ Blossom] Cherry Blossom Wreath [ Soft ]
THOR @ The Guardians Event - Greenhouse
THOR @ The Guardians Event - Stack of Pots
THOR @ The Guardians Event - Pot Rack
THOR @ The Guardians Event - Rake
DRD @ The Liaison Collaborative - Rustic Garden - Decor - Step Display
DRD @ The Liaison Collaborative - Rustic Garden - Decor - Wheelbarrow Display
{what next} Lucia  Potted Olive Tree
{what next} Spring Garden Bike (decor)
{what next} Marlow Planter 2
Soy. Antique garden tile sink (BL)
PILOT - Garden Supplies
Kalopsia - Madeleine's Bucket Hangers
Kalopsia - Madeleine's Watering Can
Kalopsia - Madeleine's Wood Box
Kalopsia - Beatrix Bird Bath
Kalopsia - Madeleine's Planting Pots
{vespertine} hanging victorian birdcage / mint
{vespertine} - tile skipping path/garden
Happy Mood - Cliff Hill
Alirium - ItchyGrass - DarkGreen
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De saída


Katien Wears:

Hair //Unorthodox // Yani Hair - Chocolate 
Coat // Titzuki // secession shoulder fur 
Dress // The Oak // Milla Dress Island paradise
Bag // David Heather // Umbrella Bag/Sienna (gacha)
Heels // EMPIRE // Waterlily

Jahlly Credits on her blog Upgrade U!
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Divos Titanium:

Hair: Doux @ TMD - Angel
Boxers: No @ Kinky Event - Sleep Shorts

Other Notable Items:

Bed: Soy @ TMD - Rusty Pipe Bed
Cabinet: Soy @ TMD - Wooden Drawer Cabinet with Caster
Clock: Soy @ TMD - Retro Flap Clock
Fan: Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9 - Carol Fan Lamp Noir Rust
Art: Soy - Aircraft Propeller Sculpture
Clothes: Stockholm&Lima @ Deco(c)rate - Lover’s Trail His
Basket: Oyasumi - Laundry Basket Cloth
Pillow: Zerkalo - Darius Pillow Blue
Suitcase: Apple Fall - Monogram Suitcases
Cabinet: Zigana - Apothecary Cabinet Light
Box: Keke - Metal Box with Thyme
Lamp: Hextraordinary @ Deco(c)rate - Antique Cherub
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Build: Haikei - Save Room for My Love
Curtain: Vagabond @ Deco(c)rate - Brielle’s Valance

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倍儿棒 Latino

倍儿棒 Latino

Face : ::LV:. Shang applier for Catwa Daniel
Pose *PosESioN* Anthony 5
Pants: *COX* Baggy Pants* Camo (Niramyth)
Shirt: *COX*Ripped shirt *RED (Niramyth)
Harness: *COX*Buckle Harness *USED
Hair: *Dura-Boy*45
Belt : D1&MTG - Duty Belt (Last know location)

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Just a Night for the Fellas.

A Night For The Fellas

Taeo Satorre:

Boots: Vale Koer - Chelsea Boots
Glasses: Zoom @ TMD - Aviator 2017 Rustic
Jeans: Kalback @ TMD - Original Jeans Ripped Dark Blue Jacket
Jacket: Not So Bad @ TMD - Hans Jacket Black

Divos Titanium:

Head: Catwa Head - Daniel
Hair: Burley - Barry - Reds
Glasses: Redgrave - Maddison Sunglasses
Sweater: Vale Koer @ TMD - Techwear Sweater
Pants: Vale Koer @ TMD - Techwear Pants

Other Notable Items:

Build: Bad Unicorn & Birch @ TMD - After Party Skybox
Sofa: Bad Unicorn & Birch @ TMD - 10 Seater Sofa
Pole: Doom - Stripper Pole
Sign: Unkindness - Neon Stud Devil
Briefcase: David Heather - Money Briefcase
Beer: Apple Fall - Omega Beer
Beer: Keke - Beers
Champagne: Keke - Champagne Bubblissimo Bucket
Money: Turfu - Dollar Batch Used
Money: YN - American 100 Dollar Bill Bundle
Pistol: MadPea Murder Kit - 9mm Para Pistol
Panties: MudHoney Panties on the Floor
Cup: Gutchi - Gcup, Ashtray: Junk - Ashtray

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Magika – Mar 31, 2017“Lush” is a long, rigged mesh…

Magika - Mar 31, 2017

“Lush” is a long, rigged mesh hairstyle available in two sizes. This means you cannot adjust the size or position of the hair, so please try the free demo before buying it. The included sizes are made to fit most mesh heads, and standard shapes.
I hope you like it, and have a fantastic weekend ♡


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Up Against a (Brick) Wall

Up Against a (Brick) Wall

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Le Morte @ MOM - King Killa Cap - Black
Necklace: Cold Ash - Laguna Necklace
Shirt: 2Byte  - XV Waist Shirt Gray
Pants: Vale Koer @ TMD - Techwear Pants
Tattoo: Dappa @ The Signature Event - Vitality Tattoo

Other Notable Items:

Wall: Pewpew @ Deco(c)rate - Romance Ruin Wall
Plant: Eli Baily - Ivy
Bird: Anc. - Flying and Walking Dove
Bike: Bueno @ The Arcade - Bike Decay
Puppy: Jian @ The Arcade - Scruffy Shepherd - Held Red Black and Sleepy Adult
Plant: (fd) @ The Arcade - Climbing Plant Green
Bench: Pewpew @ Deco(c)rate - Romance Stone Bench
Background: Rama - Quaker Street
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By the Light of Day

By the Light of Day

Divos Titanium:

Hair: Doux @ TMD - Mikey Hairstyle
Glasses: Zoom @ MOM - Cezein Glasses
Cardigan: Deadwool @ The Signature Event - Andrew Cardigan
Jeans: Kalback @ TMD - Original Jeans Ripped
Shoes: Versov - Jumpov Night 
Pose: XXY @ TMD - Sitting On The Edge

Other Notable Items:

Build: DaD Design @ Shiny Shabby - Timber Cove Cottage
Plant: Soy - Potted Plant F
Plant: Hideki - Apartment Plant
Plant: Hive @ The Arcade - Fresh Tulips
Plant: Hive @ The Arcade - New Sprout
Lamp: Hive @ The Arcade - Daisy’s Floor Lamp
Mirror: Cheeky Pea @ Deco(c)rate - Forgotten Place Fireplacehids (modded) 
Dresser: Keke @ Deco(c)rate - Refurbished Spring Drawer
Candles: Sayo - Glowup Clutter
Chair: Sayo - Caroline Chair
Table Plant: Haikei - Save Room For My Love 3 
Shelf: Haikei - Save Room For My Love 2 
Prints: Haikei - Black Roof Brick House Gacha 5
Rug: Haikei - Black Roof Brick House Gacha 4
Hanging Plant: Roiro - Hanging Planter
Divider: Ionic - Ivy Divider

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Cate é a mais recente cabeça mesh bento da Lelutka. Foi lançada no Skin Fair (que termina hoje) e estará disponível na loja da marca em poucos dias.

The streets of my heart are so dark now. You should come to light them up.

Meu look é composto por itens de eventos em andamento como Très Chic, On9 e Applique. Confiram detalhes nos créditos.


Head // Lelutka // Cate Bento - @The Skin Fair
Skin Applier // YS&YS // Kirsten - @The Skin Fair 
Hair // .:EMO-tions:. // STARS @On9
Hairbase // SIIX // Mullato Hairbase - @Applique
Tattoo // Endless Pain Tattoos // Jayden @Applique
Body // Maitreya // Lara 3.5
Earrings // CODEX // EARRING ORACLE - Group gift
Necklace // MANDALA // TAIGA
Outfit // Kenny Rolands //GLITZ JEAN'S Green- @Très Chic  
Jacket // M.BIRDIE // Leah look-Jacket on shoulder5 - @The Arcade


Atm // SORGO // ATM RARE (gacha)
Takeout boxes // Second Spaces - Life's a Mess - Old Takeout Containers RARE (gacha)
Trash bin // xin // trash bin (gacha)
Background // Minimal // Illusion Background

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Baby goes to circus

Baby goes to circus

Baby head // Black Bantam // Fairy God Baby Static Mesh Doll Head** - @The Arcade
Outfit // Zenith // Lolita Winter Coat (Rose) Fitted/ Maitreya - RARE
Hat // Zenith // Lolita Rose Hat (Rose)
Monkey // Black Bantam // Royal Monkey Kitten Gold - @The Arcade
Baloons // Remarkable Oblivion // Circus Rot - Balloon Party - @The Arcade

Jogue 25 vezes na máquina pra ganhar esta cabeça de bebê estática.
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Jane by Genesis

OMG! I just dropped my new phone

Chegamos nas últimas 24h do Skin Fair 2017. Ainda dá tempo de fazer compras de última hora se você não teve tempo de ir antes.


Estou usando a cabeça bento Jane da Genesis Lab que foi lançada exclusivamente para o Skin Fair. Junto com essa cabeça foram lançados 3 aplicadores de skins; Jane, e Fei. Cada um tem shape próprio.



Head // Genesis Lab // Head_JANE Bento - @Skin Fair
Skin App // Genesis Lab // Skin_FEI_CAPPUCCINO @Skin Fair
Shape // Genesis Lab. - Fei Shape (it comes with the skin) @Skin Fair
Jewelry // AvaWay // ELISABETH_Earrings & Brooch - @Shiny Shabby
Hair // Vanity Hair // In Your River-Browns - @The Crossroads
Outfit // Kenny Rolands // LOLITA -Red&White - @Cosmopolitan
Bag // The Oak // Nina Handbag
Heels // Glamistry // ROSE Heels 

Background // Bad Unicorn // 01 Hype-Beast Backdrop RARE
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=DeLa*= new hair "Meltem"

=DeLa*= new hair "Meltem" for Uber

 DeLa* main store

all the details

Top:EVANI-Cleo top
Shorts:- RINKA - Laura Shorts
Choker:TABOU. Whimy Choker
Balloon: by Eifee

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=DeLa*= new hair "Barbara"

=DeLa*= new hair "Barbara" for Uber

 DeLa* main store

all the details

Top:EVANI-Cleo top
Shorts:- RINKA - Laura Shorts
Choker::Modish:: Tria Chokers
Balloon: by Eifee

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Bad Boy
Collar: *COX* Collar * BADBOY*
Bracelet: *COX*Bracelet NewCoX *
Hair: [BURLEY]_Troy_Balayage
Jeans: Legal Insanity - Adam black baggy jean at  MOM
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Can You Smell The Salt In The Air

Can You Smell The Salt In The Air

Divos Titanium:

Hat: Pink Acid - Hipster in the Outback Hat Black
Hair: Doux - Roger - Reds
Shoulder Shirt: Invictus @ The Signature Event - Tshirt
Shirt: N-Uno @ The Signature Event - Tom Top
Trunks: Exalted @ The Signature Event - Swim Trunks - Tropical
Watch: Noir - Angus Watch
Bag: Fetch - Shore Set Beach Bag

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Gallant Magazine – With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine - With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine - With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine - With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine - With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine - With a Little Bit of Luck

Gallant Magazine's March 2017 premiere issue brings you "With a Little Bit of Luck" featuring a variety of shapes, skins and bento heads for the attractive and active male!

Photo by Grant Valeska.

Check out Gallant Magazine's March Issue here.

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